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Concert Review: Matt & Kim, May 11, 9:30 Club

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Matt & Kim

Everything about the Brooklyn-based duo Matt and Kim is madly, frenetically, amazingly, terrifyingly, gloriously energized. Anyone who’s heard their tracks recorded or seen their music videos would be hard-pressed to disagree. [Right now: Look up the “Lessons Learned” music video. Omigod. Stripping in Times Square in real time. In winter. Boss behavior. Note: not safe for work. So maybe not RIGHT now depending on where you are.]

Long story short, the pint-sized couple attack their instruments (and, in some videos, each other) with an unparalleled fever, fury and fervor that generate songs that are catchy, powerful, and bound to get your body moving and blood racing. Their rhythms have been described as “dangerously spastic,” and used to sell fast-paced cars, sugar-packed candy bars, and drinks meant to fuel action-packed nights.

Needless to say, I was pumped to see the two in action for the first time. I imagined they’d be incredibly animated, super happy, full of smiles. So what were they really? You know, for the first time in a long time, I’m absolutely at a loss for words. There’s just no way to do justice to the essence of Matt and Kim in a form as passive as writing. They’re unbelievable. Imagine a nuclear bomb exploding on a rocket ship placed on a motorboat being driven by a racecar. Visualize a birthday party of five year olds on a moonbounce fed nothing but sheet cake, 5-hour energies, and crack cocaine. Try running an ironman followed by an ultra-marathon finished with a tough mudder. That’s a tenth of the energy Kim alone has in her pinky finger. No, the nail of her pinky finger. The woman’s arms could crush a Mac truck. No sweat.

What I’m trying to say is, while I’ve honestly enjoyed other concerts more (liked the music better, thought the banter was higher quality, etc) Matt and Kim were, without question, the most explosive act I have ever seen. And they are so determined to elevate their audience to their same level – it’s incredible. And boy, does the crowd react. The duo got HUGE love from the sold-out 9:30 Club as they rocked the stage with tracks old and new – many from their recently released album New Glow. “Lessons Learned,” “Make a Mess,” and “Hoodies On” were probably my top three songs of the night. But the music was essentially background entertainment to the show that Matt and Kim put on. They threw confetti, they dance-partied, they climbed on instruments, they shouted, they cursed, they demanded crowd-surfing, they hyped, they screamed, they flexed, they threw out balloons, they “microscopic-titty-flashed” (well, Kim did) … they delivered.

My favorite part of the duo’s dialogue was Matt’s description of Kim’s warm up. Apparently, the woman battle-dances herself in a mirror before each show. Just dialing it up, dialing it up, dialing it up – by herself with herself. I just can’t fathom how that woman functions. But let me tell you, I’m glad she does.

If you’re thinking about seeing them: go. If you’re not thinking about seeing them: go. You will absolutely not experience anything like it anywhere else. They are the antithesis of FOMO – you’ll know you’re at the most fun spot in your city at that moment if Matt and Kim are in the same venue you are.

SXSW Review: Matt & Kim, March 12, Fader Fort

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At this point, it almost seems pointless to write a review of a Matt & Kim show since we’ve kind of said it all before in previous reviews on this site – super energetic, super positive arbiters of good times. Oh, and there’s balloons and confetti. And booty dancing on Kim’s part. That’s pretty much the Brooklyn duo in a nutshell.Seriously, Matt & Kim, why do you have to be so goddamn happy all the time? Why can’t you just get all depressed and write some sad, drone-based jams about how life is terrible? At least then, I’d have something new to report other than, “Yup, it was fun.” I realize that’s a ridiculous thing to complain about but there it is.

Taking to the stage after a pretty underwhelming intro by some representative of show sponsor Dell (whose speech amounted to “I won’t stand up here and bore you, here’s Matt and Kim to do their thing”), Matt and Kim proceeded to bring the good times, as they are wont to do. These two seem to love performing at SXSW, telling the crowd a story of their first time at the event a few years ago when they decided that they could either give in to exhaustion or party harder than ever. They chose the latter and I imagine they never looked back. They certainly seemed to have had a few drinks already prior to their show and wanted the crowd to party along with them, with Kim asking the crowd if anybody had gotten laid, encouraging everyone to chug a beer along with her, and more shenanigans, all while still pretty much kicking ass on the drums. In that sense, Matt & Kim’s show at Fader Fort exemplified what SXSW is all about for that percentage of attendees who aren’t all that interested in attending conferences and networking – it’s all about the party.

SXSW: The Final Recap – What we loved, hated, etc.

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Toronto – Are you sick of our SXSW coverage yet? I’m not, but I love that festival and will forever love it. No matter how much I gripe about any problems, make no mistake, SXSW is one of my favorite things on Earth. There is a reason why most people who go once, go again and again. It’s fantastic. Here are our final thoughts from the Panic Manual crew regarding this festival.

Best Act

Matt & Kim

Ricky: For me, it was OMD. It’s almost unfair, they have a few tracks that shall remain forever timeless, so there’s no way some newbie act will be able to compete with that. Matt & Kim were awesome as well, but I’ve seen them now five times, so I knew what to expect.

Paul: Matt & Kim

Derek: Can I pick two? The Vaccines & Matt & Kim @ Fader Fort

Gary: Datarock, uber energetic and confusingly sophisticated beneath the obnoxious red tracksuits.

Best Moment

Asobi Seksu, SXSW 2011, March 19, 2011 127.jpg

Ricky: While this year lacked extremely memorable moments (aka Late of the Pier fist fights with security), one of the most heartfelt moments was seeing Edwyn Collins stand up to sing his hit single A Girl Like You. If you know anything about his recent physical troubles, then you can appreciate how Collins, who walks with a cane and sat for most of the show, put forth the effort to stand up and perform his most popular track in front of a relatively small crowd. What a performer.

Paul: Damien Jurado telling the noisy people at the back of the bar to shut up while he was playing. Take that, concert douchebags!

Gary: Getting knocked around by an Asobi Seksu fangirl then getting told-off by a baldheaded guy because I stepped on his girlfriend’s shoe and then getting support from fellow concert goers.

Derek: Fist bumping Aziz Ansari? OMD at the SPIN afternoon? Backstage for Matt & Kim? I could go on, but it was all great.

Biggest Surprise

Joy Formidable

Ricky: Jonquil and Clock Opera were both exceptional bands that I had previously heard of, but never heard. I’m a fan of both now.

Paul: The Joy Formidable filling in for Raphael Saadiq at Fader Fort. I didn’t know much about them beforehand, but they put on a hell of a show. Also, meeting Troy and Abed from Community out in the street was pretty cool too.

Gary: John Grant.

Derek: Jonquil at the British Embassy were great!

Biggest Disappointment

Ricky: Obviously, missing all of Saturday was a disappointment, but that was unavoidable. Romany Rye was disappointing, but I don’t even know where I heard of them from. They sounded like a jam band that played some random saloon on a highway pit stop.

Paul: Olof Arnalds. She’s got a decent sound, but a little of her goes a long way.

Gary: Toro y moi. It was so disappointing that I forgot about it

Derek: I was hoping for more from Olaf Arnalds. I was also quite disappointed with Those Dancing Days no-show (visa issues)

Best Food

Ricky: How can you pick between the best burger on Earth (Casino El Amino) and one of the best bbq spots I had ever been to (Salt Lick)? You don’t. Call it even.

Paul: Tough call. It was all pretty good. I’ll go with Chuy’s.

Gary: Iron Works; having a beef rib wrapped around my face is gleefully delicious each time, no matter how repetitious.

Derek: It was a tie: Salt Lick and Chuy’s

Big Thanks

Our time at SXSW this year was greatly enhanced by Blackbeard Rum, who provided us with many free spiced rum & pepsi drinks at the Spin Loft. There rum was good enough that one of our photographers went to the liquor store and bought a bottle on his way home to the hotel. Apparently, they are new on the market and made by the same Puerto Ricans who make DonQ. I would also like to thank Havianas for giving me free custom flip flops and also to the company Case-Mate for giving me and various people free Iphone skins. Check out their site, you can customize your own case. I’m a sucker for free stuff, what can I say.

Finally, here is me riding a white carousel

SXSW Review: Matt & Kim, March 18, Fader Fort

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matt and kim

Austin – Wow.  What can I even say about this show?  It’s a little hard to be objective about it.  In fact, it’s pretty much impossible to say anything negative about this show unless you’re a dick who hates awesome fun.  Matt & Kim are the happiest band on the planet and they want you to be as happy as they are.  And they work hard to make you happy.  This is the service they provide.

This was my first time seeing Matt & Kim live.  from what I hear, they always put on a hugely energetic set, but due to the fact that this was SXSW and Matt & Kim were really amped up after seeing Odd Future play sometime before them, it might have been even more high energy.  Ridiculous stage banter, Kim bootie dancing while being held up by the crowd, tons of balloons with Matt & Kim’s face on them, and the duo playing snippets of big, dumb pop songs such as “Apache” and “Do You Think You’re Better Off Alone.”These are just a few of the crowd pleasing tricks Matt & Kim have in their repertoire.  For added star power, they were even joined by Erykah Badu  for one song, although I totally didn’t recognize her until after the fact, wondering who that woman banging nonchalantly on a cymbal was. 

At one point during their set, Matt dedicated a song to everyone who’s ever seen them before and come back again.  After seeing them for the first time, I’d say that list would pretty much include everyone who’s ever seen them live before.  Unless they hate awesome fun.

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