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Field Trip 2017 Preview: The Bands We Are Most Excited To See

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Summer usually means one thing: music festivals. This year is a bit different because a few notable festivals (Bestival, TURF, Riot Fest) decided to stop operating and so everyone started writing think pieces about the death of music.

Have no fear, Toronto’s favorite record label still runs strong and with new records by their most prominent acts coming out there was no way Field Trip would have been cancelled (we’ll see for 2018). Taking place once again at Fort York, Field Trip promises to be a fun weekend of good music, truck food and covfefe

So this year, two of us at the Panic Manual are covering the event. It only made sense for me and our exalted photographer Elisabeth Isles (from Devonshire, England) to collaborate on who we are most excited to see.

Broken Social Scene

Ricky says
A quintessential Toronto group by now, BSS is back after a long layoff with a new album. You know it’s very Toronto to see BSS in Toronto and frankly I’ve never seen them live except for a few fleeting minutes at SXSW. So for me it’s a Toronto bucket list thing. Yet for many it will be a cathartic experience as to journey through a BSS set list is to journey through memories in Toronto, one song at a time. I’m sure everyone is wondering how good new LP Hug of Thunder might be, but personally, I’m wondering if they will be filming to sequel to their movie from earlier this decade:


How excited would you be for that? Probably not, but one can only hope.

Elisabeth (from Devonshire, England) Says
With all due respect, the only way I ever really enjoy Kevin Drew is in small doses. Thankfully he is only 1/12 of Broken Social Scene.


Ricky says
Another Arts and Craft artist back after a long layoff, it’s almost like they need money or something. With new album Pleasures in tow, Feist is perfect for the early evening set as her gently sultry voice is the perfect vehicle to carry us into the night. I have personally not seen Feist since 2003 or 2004, back when what is now CB2 was still a concert venue. She’s put out a few records since then, I think some of them are okay.

You know what would make this awesome? If Jarvis Cocker showed up for their song Century as the last song of the set. And then the stage goes dark, and then suddenly, I feel goosebumps all over as a realize that Field Trip’s secret set is none other then PULP! An excited crowd gathers, as we look at the stage, something like this happens

Oh my god, how awesome would that be! Make it happen Kevin Drew.

Did I just write Field Trip fan fiction? yes.


Elisabeth (from Devonshire, England) says
I feel like Phoenix is destined to forever headline smaller festivals and I am okay with this because they play their shows like they’re the biggest band on earth


Ricky says
An underrated feature of Field Trip is how earth friendly it is. Half the bands are local and as such we don’t have a high carbon tax from having to fly bands in, except for Phoenix. Those French fuckers. A great local band is Badbadnotgood, who exist in a musical space that is exclusively theirs and as such have been able to collaborate with such high profile acts as Ghostface Killah. Their album last year built on their existing popularity and they always put on live shows so this set will be very good. Will Kaytranada show up? Tune in and find out.

Portugal The Man

Ricky says
It’s only fitting I see Portugal The Man, before I see Portugal the country (in July). The American band has quite a following and will be touring for a new record for the first time in four years. This seems to be a theme. Anyways, check out this org chart someone made on wiki, the conglomerate I work for doesn’t even have this much detail.

Cloud Nothings

Elisabeth (from Devonshire, England) says
They’re a cool band, or at least that’s what all my cool friends tell me.

Ricky says
As a Raptors fan, I like nothing from Cleveland


Elisabeth (from Devonshire, England) says
I am genuinely excited for LP. That voice is amazing. Listen to this live video of “Lost On You” and tell me I’m wrong


Ricky says

How can you not want to see a show with a dude dressed like that. Known more for his collaborations with Kendrick Lamar and Flying Lotus, Thundercat is playing out the show on solo and it looks like it’ll be a fantastic time. Also, if he were to show up in a random alleyway and tell me that I’m actually an alien prince and I need to return to my home planet to regain my throne from a group of squidlike aliens, I would probably believe him.

Elisabeth (from Devonshire, England) says
Take a shot every time you see someone do air sax


Elisabeth (from Devonshire, England) saysI saw them at NXNE and people really like them! That’s a fact!

Those are the acts we are excited to see! Who are you excited to see?

An Eulogy: Broken Social Scene (1999-2011, Coachella 2013-?)

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Toronto – In an interview published earlier today by esteemed online music journal Pitchfork Media, Kevin Drew of the popular Canadian rock band Broken Social Scene declared that the band was going on hiatus indefinitely after concluding their current tour for their most current LP Forgiveness Rock Record. Arguably one of the most significant bands to emerge in Canada in the past fifteen years, the 67 members of Broken Social Scene have done their part in shaping the landscape in Canadian music for years to come. Alumnus of the band have gone on to great success, especially bands such as Stars, Metric and of course, Feist. The abrupt news of their impending hiatus is sure to bring tears of sadness to many music fans all around.

My own experience with this Toronto band has surprisingly been quite minimal. I only saw Broken Social Scene once. It was 2009, during SXSW of all places. I was walking back to my hotel (the Sheraton..yeah THAT one) and it was about 1:15. As I was approaching Stubbs, I quickly remembered that BSS was playing there. Having never seen the band before, I decided to break my SXSW rule (never see a Canadian/Toronto band in Austin) and check out this act. Forgiveness Rock Record was about to be released later on in the summer and I was lucky enough to hear the track The Sweetest Kill performed then. It was a track I enjoyed. Kevin Drew then introduced some very special guests – Emily Haines and James Shaw to perform Anthem for/of/? a Seventeen Year Old Girl. The crowd went kinda nuts, and I was like “really? is this surprising? Metric is also playing at SXSW, what was the odds of this happening? 1 to 1?” Anyways, the two came out and then performed a beautiful rendition of the track. I then got hungry and went and got a panini, thus ending my first BSS experience.

My second/third BSS experience happened last year during the NXNE charity soccer game, Brendan Canning was on one team and I was on another and I ran into him almost full speed during the game. I kind of expected his seemingly frail body to collapse in a red hairy heap, but it turns out Brendan Canning is a beast on the soccer field so instead, he took the ball away and ran with it. He would later score a goal or two. This year I was in the same soccer game and at the barbecue afterwards, he made me a cheeseburger and I was rather happy about that, even though they used processed cheese instead of the real thing.

There you go, not only were Broken Social Scene important musicians to the industry, they are also people. People with real lives who have to move on, just like you or me. I never saw BSS here because I figured they would always play Toronto, and they would always bring random people on stage to sing songs, and I would always be able to roll my eyes and say ‘that’s so obvious’. Only now, it’s over and I lost my chance. That’s life I guess. The only blessing is that we won’t get to see any more crappy concert films disguised as some weird drama films like the one released last year. For that, I am thankful.

Best of luck to the band in the future, we’ll see you at your eventual reunion.

Broken Social Scene – 7/4 (Shoreline) by artsandcraftsmx

Coachella Day 2: This is what you are going to do (schedule)

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Toronto – Technically we aren’t at Coachella, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like telling people what to do. This will be your second day at Coachella.

11:00 AM Wake Up, Laze About and Brunch

Despite your collective best efforts, you and your friends don’t get up early as originally proposed. Instead, you all take your time waking up, getting ready, checking your twitter feeds and posting photos to Facebook to make your friends at home envious. You and your friends decide that brunch will be your one good meal that day and go to some random chain restaurant, maybe IHOP for a carb feast. At some point, you wonder about how good the Joy Formidable and Cults shows would have been. They were probably good.

4:00 PM The Radio Dept/Two Door Cinema Club

Your inability to arrive to the festival early has once again cost you long wait times to get in. Now you have to wait in line with smelly campers who have not showered since Thursday. When you finally get in, you go and check out legendary Swedish band The Radio Dept, who while completely awesome, doesn’t have the music to hold your interest at 4:00 PM in 35-40 degree weather. You make a hasty retreat for something lighter and more energetic, and stumble upon Irish indie pop band Two Door Cinema Club, as you walk into Mojave tent, you wonder whether you have instead accidentally stumbled into an Urban Outfitter store.

6:00 PM Broken Social Scene

As the sky darkens and the grounds begin to cool, you make your way to the main stage to witness a set by Canada/Toronto’s Broken Social Scene. Just to be social, you ask the people around you where they are all from, to which they respond “Toronto”. You wonder why they are checking out a band they have probably seen a dozen times instead of superstar french pop act Yelle. This Broken Social Scene band keeps on introducing some random people to the stage, and you shrug your shoulders.

7:20 PM Bright Eyes

A quick and regretful shwarma waits for you after the Broken Social Scene show, and you have to decide on two rather melancholy acts as the sun goes down. You pick Bright Eyes because you remember Winona Ryder once dated Conor Oberst and you kinda liked that Monster of Folk band. Then you remember that Winona Ryder probably dated every band who is playing from this point forth.

8:30 PM Mumford & Sons

As a massive crowd descends upon the main stage for English folk rock sensations Mumford & Sons, you marvel at a band’s popularity to gain so many bands based on that Little Lion Man song. You are even more surprise when the band takes the stage and plays a 45 minute version of that song. Only afterwards, on the plane, does your friend tell you it wasn’t a 45 minute version of the song, rather thats just how every song off Sigh No More sounds.

9:30 Animal Collective

As you wait anxiously for popular experimental rock act Animal Collective. You’ve heard a lot of things about this band, about how they are really original and how the blogs have really taken to them. You sometimes wonder why this sound check is taking so long and why is it so loud. Then you realize it’s actually Animal Collective. They are ……good, you think.

10:30 Suede

As tempting as it is to watch the acid trip that is known as Empire of the Sun, you make your way to the Mojave stage for Suede. The Panic Manual’s favorite band. They rock your world. You mark this day down as the day your life changed and you cry tears of joy that quickly evaporate into the desert air. “This is Coachella!” you think.

11:30 Arcade Fire

Despite what most of America thinks, everyone here knows who the Arcade Fire is and you quickly make your way to the main stage where you once again marvel at how great a band this band from Montreal is. An amazing and emotional show ends with the track Wake Up. You leave arm in arm with your friends and everyone on the fields are suddenly friends and singing Arcade Fire. This sudden friendship ends as you reach the parking lot and everyone becomes asshole drivers as they make a beeline to the exit.

There you go, your guide/probable path for day two at Coachella.

Shows This Week – December 7 to December 13

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Toronto – Writing about shows happening this week from London seems weird.

Badly Drawn Boy

December 8, Great Hall

Damien Gough’s shows are supposed to be a mixed bag, but what is not a mixed bag is Badly Drawn Boy’s ability to pen well crafted and memorable tunes. The man will be in the Great Hall to promote his new album It’s What I’m Thinking Pt.1 – Photographing Snowflakes. Fans of his will hope he plays some of his older classic tunes such as Silent Sigh, The Rat and Pissing in the Wind. Remember that movie, About A Boy? What a great movie.

Badly Drawn Boy – Silent sigh by gomesbernardi


December 8, Drake Hotel

Much like the band Fun, who played Mod Club last week, I don’t know who they are, but they are highly hyped. Does this make me old? Yes.

Tennis – Marathon by Aesthetes Anonymous

Broken Social Scene/Superchunk

December 9, Sound Academy

The Toronto band teams up with indie legends Superchunk to play a super show at the dreaded Sound Academy. It’s Christmas season, so expect BSS to pull in the full lineup since most of them will be home for Christmas anyway.

SUPERCHUNK – Digging For Something by One Four Seven Records

Other shows this week:

Sunparlour Players, December 9, Music Gallery
Hooded Fang, December 9, Drake
Tricky, Dec 12, Mod Club