Concert Review: Broken Social Scene, May 9, Sonic Boom!

Toronto – To show appreciation for their fans a few days after their fifth album Forgiveness Rock Record was released, Broken Social Scene came up with the clever idea of four in-store concerts Sunday at Criminal Records (2pm), Rotate This (4pm), Soundscapes (6pm), and Sonic Boom (8pm). The album was coincidentally released on the same day as New Pornographers’ Together album.

One could call it an east coast vs. west coast indie super-group rivalry or just some fictitious marketing ploy done up in an article a couple weeks ago by New York Magazine. Either way, one of the hardest working bands in Canadian rock today were still full of energy after a long day and able to plough out a set of just under an hour in the sweaty basement of Sonic Boom. Two lines snaked throughout the store with the “non-ticket holders” line being far longer. The band’s crew was in the back room entertaining themselves with friends and family all out in support. It’s always a family affair at a BSS show and this was no different tonight with Kevin Drew bringing his parents along to celebrate Mother’s Day, even singing his mother a slightly satirical ballad to thank her for all the support over the years. Along with Drew, Brendan Canning, Charles Spearin, Andrew Whiteman, Justin Peroff, Lisa Lobsinger, and Sam Goldberg rounded out the main lineup. As well, Julie Doiron was invited on stage to sing with Lobsinger on Anthems for a 17 Year Old Girl and their horn section on several other songs. Broken Social Scene begin their European tour in London this Thursday.

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  1. Bruce

    That was a lot of fun, a real treat to get up close and personal with BSS. Kevin was in fine form, and the sound was remarkably good! Some great banter, which for a change you could actually hear (loved the way they adopted a girl in the front row as guitar tech), and a good selection of old and new songs. The crowd sounded like it was five times the number of people that were there. Looking forward to the Island!

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