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SXSW Song of the Day: Dana Falconberry – Lake Charlevoix

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First off, props to Dana Falconberry for having a wicked last name. Who messes with someone whose last name includes the word “Falcon”. (I am assuming that is her real last name).

A folk/orchestral pop artist out of Austin, Texas, it would only seem natural for Dana Falconberry to play SxSW. After all, if people are going to come to your city, eat your food, drink your booze and trash your streets, you should at least get to play a show. This little tune is a gentle folk tune that reminds me a lot of Au Revoir Simone for some reason. Now as we all know, gentle folk tracks aren’t really always down my alley, but this tune seems to have jumped over the anti-folk chasm in my mind and landed right onto my playlist.

This song is off her 2012 release Leelanau, check it out.

SXSW Song of the Day: Churchill – Change

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Denver’s Churchill started out as a two piece act and since expanded to include more members, including Bethany Kelly, who works the vocals and keys. It is Kelly’s voice that first drew me to the band. I’m always a fan of female singers and Kelly’s voice and delivery reminded me of vocal work done by artists of eras gone. This is a pretty catchy pop song. I don’t know much about this band other then they are from Denver and released an EP named Change last year.

I read their SXSW Profile and was genuinely pleased at the description of one of the members:

Mike Morter – mandolin, banjo, lead guitar, uke and crowd pleasing

Crowd Pleasing IS important.

Churchill plays at 9:00 PM at the SOHO LOUNGE ON WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13

Ps. Also, now that weed is legalized in Denver, I wonder if it’ll make it some sort of music scene.

SXSW Song of the Day: Hudson Taylor – Battles

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Hudson Taylor are a pair of brothers from Dublin. They just released an ep called Cinematic Lifestyle and are going to be in Austin. That’s all I know about them. Their song Battles is a catchy little track that has that foot stomping, old timey Mumford & Sons/Lumineers sound that is currently besmirching the musical landscape right now. Still, this track is plenty good and if they are as good live as I think they might be based on this song, then these guys will soon be well on their way. Check it out anyhow.

SXSW Song of the Day: Fear of Men – Doldrums

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It is now January, which means we all start looking forward to bands that play at SXSW. We might sound like a broken record, but this is what we do. Fear of Men is a four piece band from Brighton and London who have been making waves for over a year now overseas. Naturally, they are going to test their mettle over hear in the year 2013. Early Fragments, a compilation of singles they have released over the years is to be the first “official” release and it comes out in February. This will be followed by a journey to Austin and probably other cities as well.

Fear of Men has that dream/surf-pop sound that bands like La Sera have been sounding like in the past few years. Only this time, the singer is English. Actually, lead singer Jessica Weiss reminds me a bit of a less intense, less Irish version of that girl from the Cranberries. Doldrums is a laid back track with just about the right amount of jangly guitars and subdued vocals to make you want to put it on for a lazy afternoon. Check it out.