SXSW Song of the Day: Dana Falconberry – Lake Charlevoix

First off, props to Dana Falconberry for having a wicked last name. Who messes with someone whose last name includes the word “Falcon”. (I am assuming that is her real last name).

A folk/orchestral pop artist out of Austin, Texas, it would only seem natural for Dana Falconberry to play SxSW. After all, if people are going to come to your city, eat your food, drink your booze and trash your streets, you should at least get to play a show. This little tune is a gentle folk tune that reminds me a lot of Au Revoir Simone for some reason. Now as we all know, gentle folk tracks aren’t really always down my alley, but this tune seems to have jumped over the anti-folk chasm in my mind and landed right onto my playlist.

This song is off her 2012 release Leelanau, check it out.

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