Concert Review: Judah and the Lion, November 2, Aragon Theater

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Choreographed dancing? Check. Campfire singing? Check. Cape-wearing? Check. Pep talk? BIG CHECK. Who’s been checking off these feel-good requirements on their ongoing tour? Look no further than the tremendous trio of Judah and the Lion (although at this show, there was a glorious six-man line-up of talent). The Tennessee-based band is making huge waves throughout the States as they promote their newest album, Pep Talks, and regale audiences with old-time favorite tunes.

The band took the stage at the estimable Aragon Ballroom Saturday night to an energetic crowd pumped up by the awesome opener Wilderado. Judah and the Lion opened up with their newest hit, “Quarter-Life Crisis”, which had everyone in the crowd asking for a pep talk – and getting it in spades. Over the next two hours, frontman Judah Akers led his band through on-stage shenanigans, crowd surfing, choreographed dancing, and silly/sexy group dancing. One of the highlights of the show was when Judah actually came off the stage with his band, setting up shop in the middle of the crowd, and leading an intimate “camp-fire sing-along” experience of Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down.” Interspersed throughout were, in all seriousness, pep talks. Judah told uplifting stories about his childhood, told everyone in the crowd they could overcome their “something” – be it addiction, divorce, or just a bad day, and generally dropped tons of love on Chi-city.

The band left the stage with a 4-song encore culminating in their hit “Take it All Back” which became an uproarious sing-along from a crowd who obviously wouldn’t have taken any of the last two hours back for anything in the world. Judah and the Lion will be on tour for the next few months – be sure to check them out when they’re in a city near you!

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