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As much as I love my hometown (#chicitymycity) and I know all our Canadian readers love theirs, I would hope we’re all mature enough to acknowledge one small – flaw? quirk? reality? – about our residences: the winters can be a beast. I think it’s especially on my mind as Daylight Saving Time has descended on the world, making it pitch black at 5 PM. While I respect that ye olde farmers may have needed that extra hour to… do whatever farmers do (harvest? reap? sow? sew?), I’m of the strong belief we should do away with everything that brings more darkness, cold and general discomfort to our modern population.

Since doing away with Daylight Saving Time may be a LITTLE outside my power of influence, I’m happy to spread the word about a more feasible opportunity to soak up some sun, surf and songs later this month. The Riptide Music Festival on fantastic Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida is almost upon us! The two-day festival on November 23rd-24th will feature over 20 musical performers including Jimmy Eat World, The Killers, The 1975, The Revivalists and Judah & The Lion (who I just saw and fell in love with), among others. Tickets range from $29-$79 at, and are going fast.

If you’re looking for more than a tan and tunes (hard to fathom you’d need anything else, but just in case!), the festival is also featuring Festival Fashion Make-overs with Tan France, fashion expert from “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” and a runaway fashion show with designer George Styler. The event will also feature an enhanced art exhibition celebration and a robust array of culinary food demos by celebrity chefs on the Maximus mobile kitchen, as seen on Gordon Ramsey’s television show “Hell on Wheels.”

Still debating whether to spend a weekend on the beach? Let me give you a quick gut check: I just pulled up the weather on my phone. Chicago? 31 degrees (-0.5 C for all you Candians). Fort Lauderdale? A sweet 80 degrees (26 C). I rest my case. See you in Florida.

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