Concert Review: Death Cab For Cutie, June 3, Massey Hall


Despite being a band that has been releasing new indie rock music for over twenty-five years, you could say that Death Cab for Cutie is still going as strong as they were back then.

Coming off their tenth studio album Asphalt Meadows, the band rolled into Toronto for a pair of weekend shows at Massey Hall with enthusiastic crowds that ranged between Gen X parents with their young children and a younger millennial crowd that was likely still in diapers when Death Cab first started out. Lead singer Ben Gibbard has led a more than interesting life: formerly married to actress Zooey Deschanel, dedicated ultramarathon runner, as well as one-third of indie pop band The Postal Service, all while continuing to churn out albums that have been consistently praised by the online music community.

Between the two nights, they mixed up their sets by playing a variety of songs from older albums like The Photo Album, PlansTransatlanticism, and from the more recent Thank You for Today and Asphalt Meadows. I must confess that I haven’t given them a good listen since 2005’s Plans but based on enthusiasm and crowd noise, I was the anomaly.

Gibbard noted the politeness of Canadians for not rushing the stage like the “lunkheads” in America might which brought some cheers from the crowd. Gibbard’s performance with all his swaying and footwork could transfix the audience over the more energetic parts of the set but he also held attention through a solo acoustic performance and sing-along like “I Will Follow You into the Dark”. Massey Hall’s acoustics and the orchestration of the light production added to the show, especially with several songs that turned into 7-minute frantic jam sessions.

Death Cab continue on their current tour supported by Lomelda before starting a second leg in September with support from The Postal Service (double-duty).

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