NXNE Review: Language Arts, Mod Club; Muuy Biien, Garrison; Homebody, June 19


What NXNE Press Guide said about Language Arts:

Language Arts is the brainchild of Toronto-based guitarist, composer, and singer Kristen Cudmore. It’s the marriage of classical training and jazz school, consisting of complex layers that’s part Joanna Newsom, part tUnE-yArDs, and shifting between beckoning choruses with bright hooks and meandering lyrical sagas.

On this night Languare Arts were a polished and talented three-piece with pretty delicate vocals provided by lead Kristen Cudmore. Their version of cute wispy dream pop fit well in a venue like the Mod Club. Well constructed songs built from their beginnings and those in attendance enjoyed their almost hour-long set. Favourite quotes from Kristen: “Has anyone heard our album here? (silence from the crowd). What the fuck? I’m tired of it.” And also, “Whenever I’m at the grocery store and I have a lot of food I feel like a big pig.” Followed by: “snort snort” and a shy awkward laugh.


What NXNE Press Guide said about Muuy Biien:

Muuy Biien is the real thing. No college degrees, no connections, no future: kids in their 20’s raised in the Georgia countryside, born to work in fast food. The band members met while all working at a fried chicken chain. But art springs forth from the unlikeliest of places. The power of DIY is palpable and real, but so is the sense of craft that hangs over it.

Members were walking around the Garrison for the two bands before them going back and forth to get bottles of Bud from the back. Their music is part Refused, part Jon Spencer Blue Explosion, part Iggy and the Stooges. Their lead singer gets the award for best dancer of NXNE this year which last year was awarded to Pissed Jeans. They were loud, aggressive and the crowd responded by becoming a part of the show.


What NXNE Press Guide said about Homebody:

Homebody play angular post-punk and jangling pop music. There will be guitars and there will be drums and you will respond with appropriate head movements.

Homebody are another three-piece band playing experimental noise pop and hailing from Denver, Colorado. All members were talented musicians switching between instruments, switching between vocalists, and even switching speeds midway through songs on several occasions. If I wasn’t mistaken there was a rare sighting of a six-string bass through the first couple songs. Their last song Break In was a favourite.

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