NXNE Song of the Day: White Rabbits – I Had it Coming

White Rabbits have long since departed from the frantic cabaret-esque, piano heavy sound of 2007’s Fort Nightly. Milk Famous, released March 6, 2012, features producer Mike McCarthy, who frequently works with Spoon. Following a similar suit to Spoon’s Transference, the songs feature abstract and sparse guitar work with simple, effective drum beats, which gives them a raw and unpolished sound. White Rabbits have included a lot more synth work in this album, sometimes making it hard to believe you’re listening to the same band from five years ago. In their case, this feels like the true progression of a band that refuses to be pigeon holed. The last track on Milk Famous, “I Had It Coming”, is a good example of this. With nothing but a beat and a soft reverb to the vocals, it starts small but builds up, the beat increasing in volume, the piano work coming in more frequently as the song progresses. The song has a nice new wave and French Kicks sound to it. Check White Rabbits out Thursday June 14, at 9:00pm, at Virgin Mobile Mod Club.

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