NXNE Song Of The Day: Boxer The Horse – Rattle Your Cage

Hey, remember the ’90s? I sure do. And I sure did enjoy a lot of the indie rock that came out of that decade, chief among it the slacker-rific tunes of Pavement and their ilk. 

Prince Edward Island’s Boxer The Horse certainly deliver on that front through Pavement-esque songs such as “Rattle your Cage” off of their French Residency album. And in case you didn’t notice, these guys are named after the horse in Animal Farm … a reference I didn’t really notice until I Googled these guys. I guess I need to brush up on my Orwell. Animal Farm was the one with the spider who talked through it’s webs and wrote stuff about that pig, right? No wait, that was Babe, wasn’t it? Or was Babe the one with John Travolta and the talking baby? One thing I definitely do remember from Animal Farm though: “Four legs good, two legs bad.”

Also good? This song. Check it out.    

Boxer The Horse play The El Mocambo (upstairs) on June 14 @ 8:00

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