NXNE Song Of The Day: Andre Williams & The Sadies – I’ll Do Most Anything For Your Love

My 12th grade English teacher once made the statement that modern music lacked vitality. In her words, when she turned on the radio in her time, “a revolution came out of the speakers” whereas she thought that contemporary music was frivolous and shallow. While I disagree with her (I defy anyone to listen to the likes of Andrew Bird or Fleet Foxes and call them frivolous and shallow), I do think there’s much to be gained by collaboration between older and younger artists, and I think that the collaboration between Andre Williams and The Sadies is a perfect example. The Torontonians and the Midwesterner teamed up for the album “Night & Day”, and they’ll be playing together at NXNE

“I’ll do most anything for your love” is a nice sample from the album, with the Sadies supplying the alt-country infused instrumentals while Williams brings it home with his infectious and surprisingly moving lyrics/rhyming couplets. My only judgment against the song is that I had to listen to it a couple of times before I stopped expecting Meatloaf to bust in and end the line with “but I won’t do that.” The group is playing at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern June 15th if you like what you hear.

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