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Song of the Day: pizza4sluts – Talk About the Moon

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Who doesn’t want to be on the cutting edge of the music scene? Anyone? Anyone? No? That’s what we thought. Coming out of COVID, if you weren’t too busy cultivating sourdough starters, you may very well have been listening to and experimenting with some musical genres or artists who were previously hidden from view by pre-pandemic activities and distractions. On the other side of the listening coin, there were a few select Millennials who were picking up ukuleles and mics …

Concert Review: High and Mighty Brass Band, Galactic, February 15, 9:30 Club

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There are some things in life that are just downright unfair: 1) Bringing a knife to a gun fight. 2) The fact that Gwen Stefani doesn’t age. 3) Showing up on a stage with a sousaphone. Obviously High and Mighty Brass Band killed it when they took to the 9:30 stage in DC Friday night – they showed up with a trumpet, a trombone, a sousaphone, and an incredibly charming frontman to belt out any songs with lyrics. At one …

Concert Review: Girls of Trade, DEHD, June 23, Black Cat

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Surprises are nice. Sometimes you find a dollar in your pocket and that’s fun. And sometimes there’s actually one last m&m in the bottom of the bag and that’s good too. And sometimes you go to the Black Cat for an indie rock show and you get a drag show as the opener and that’s super amazing. Saturday night at Black Cat opened with Girls of Trade. To defend myself on the point that I didn’t realize this was going …

Concert Review: The Gaslight Anthem, May 27, 9:30 Club

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  It’s often a mystery why bands are paired together on tour. Is it because they have similar styles of music? Or totally different? Because their clothing complements? Because they happen to be free that night? Because they own the nicest van and fill it with snacks? The Gaslight Anthem‘s Brian Fallon cleared that up yesterday at 9:30 Club when he announced about his openers, “I love Tim Barry because he looks like he could crush my head with his …