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Concert Review: Girls of Trade, DEHD, June 23, Black Cat

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Surprises are nice. Sometimes you find a dollar in your pocket and that’s fun. And sometimes there’s actually one last m&m in the bottom of the bag and that’s good too. And sometimes you go to the Black Cat for an indie rock show and you get a drag show as the opener and that’s super amazing. Saturday night at Black Cat opened with Girls of Trade. To defend myself on the point that I didn’t realize this was going …

Concert Review: The Gaslight Anthem, May 27, 9:30 Club

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  It’s often a mystery why bands are paired together on tour. Is it because they have similar styles of music? Or totally different? Because their clothing complements? Because they happen to be free that night? Because they own the nicest van and fill it with snacks? The Gaslight Anthem‘s Brian Fallon cleared that up yesterday at 9:30 Club when he announced about his openers, “I love Tim Barry because he looks like he could crush my head with his …

Concert Review: The 9 Singer-Songwriter Showcase, February 9, Black Cat

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Friday night at Black Cat was a celebration of local artists. The passion project of DC singer-songwriter and neo-folk artist Justin Trawick, The 9 singer-songwriter series brings together nine (which only makes sense) DC artists of different musical styles to delight and dazzle the crowd. Featuring Nardo Lilly, Elena and Los Fulanos, Josh RD, Rock Creek Kings, Ginny Hill Project, Sol Roots, Sarah Jane Burgess, Andres Gallego, and organizer Justin Trawick, the night was full of spur of the moment …

Concert Review: Ezra Mae and the Gypsy Moon, Chappo, February 9, DC9

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Walking into DC9 on Friday night was like walking into a time portal where all the best parts of the ’70s collected and condensed into the cozy little second story stage for one last time. Gracing the stage was Ezra Mae and the Gypsy Moon, a local psych rock outfit who brought their potent mix of indie-psych-blues to fill the small venue. An auditory and visual delight, lead singer Sandy crooned in her smoky tenor and coaxed matching sultry sounds …