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Concert Review: Little Dragon, August 8, 9:30 Club

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I’ve always been a big fan of breakfast for dinner. Pancakes and omelettes are exactly what you need to bring your day to a successful close at 8pm. Which is why I was so delighted to walk into 9:30 Club and find the lead singer of Little Dragon, Yukimi Nagano, rocking an omelette on her head. The adorable vocalist/very enthusiastic tambourine player was sporting a wide brimmed bright yellow hat of the variety that wraps around the head to preserve …

Concert Review: Aztec Sun, July 22, Rock and Roll Hotel

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Moving sucks. When the question is: do you want to pack up all your stuff into little cardboard boxes, figure out the logistics of moving it five states over, inevitably in the rain, and apartment hunt in a new city which somehow always costs 1.5x the rate of the city you’re currently living, the answer is always a hard and fast NO. So I recently moved to Washington DC from Chicago, and finally three months into living in my new …

Song Of The Day: Ha Ha Tonka – Race To The Bottom

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I don’t know if any other bands are competing in the very specific category of whimsically witty, geographically themed names, but Ha Ha Tonka‘s killing it in my book. Originally named “Amsterband”, the indie rockers are named after the Ha Ha Tonka state park in Missouri, a nod to their southern roots. The band is coming to DC9 on June 14th to share their emotionally charged, narrative driven, southern-indie rock with the District. Give them a listen and then check …

Concert Review: Pool Holograph, Sports, BRONCHO, November 5, Empty Bottle

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Saturday night at the Empty Bottle started out with local foursome Pool Holograph. The group led off the night with jangling guitars and a thumping bass line – a sound reminiscent of 90’s alt-punk, but with a crisper and cleaner sound. The group played a collection of tracks from their 2015 album Mortals and their older self titled EP. By far the highlight of the set was the audience participation – the lead singer handed off a tambourine to an …