NXNE Song Of The Day: Chang-A-Lang: Listen Up Buttercup

Chang-A-Lang, a Toronto-based trio, has achieved the dream of every twitter-user ever – to be pithy and witty. I can find absolutely nothing on this band besides the following three factoids: the band’s biography is, “WE PLAY! YOU DANCE! CHANG-A-LANG!!! CHANG-A-LANG!!!CHANG-A-LANG!!!”, the band’s interests are, “Watching Golden Girls reruns, playing rock with the roll and Busch beer”, and their influences include ‘foxtrot, electric guitar, communism, the metric system and wedding photos’.

Love it. I’m also really enjoying “Listen Up Buttercup” on their album “No Clean Rock-N-Roll.” Check it out.

Chang-A-Lang play The Hard Luck Bar Saturday June 16th at 10:00pm as part of NXNE

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