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Shows This Week – August 9, 2010 to August 15, 2010

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Janelle Monae, SXSW, March 18, Stubbs BBQ

Toronto – What can you say about this week’s slate of shows, other then it’s AWESOME.

Wild Beasts

Mod Club, August 9

Hot off a Mercury Prize nomination for their second album Two Dancers, England’s Wild Beasts will be in at the Mod Club on Monday to show the world what they are about. Lead singer Hayden Thorpe’s voice is a love it or hate it kinda thing, but you cannot deny the band has written some good tunes in the past two years. Click here for a free download of the song We Still Got The Taste Dancin’ On Our Tongues courtesy of Domino Records

Wild Beasts – The Fun Powder Plot by thetruejoe90


August 10, Kool Haus

I have seen Interpol four times. They, along with a few other bands, are currently tied for bands I’ve seen the most. This time around, Interpol will be a bit different. As everyone knows, Carlos D left the band shortly after the completion of the new album, so this time around, the band will be touring with a new lineup that includes David Pajo and Brandon Curtis. Interpol always put on a strong moody show and this should be no exception. I am curious as to how their new material sounds after the disappointment that was Our Love to Admire. Still, expect most fans to go just to hear tracks like Slow Hands, Evil, PDA and NYC. I wish they would play The Specialist, but they never seem to.

Interpol – Specialist by de.stijl


Mod Club, August 13

Do you want to get your dance on? You do? Well, Friday night’s showcase at the Mod Club is PERFECT for you. DVAS released a kick ass electro album called Society just a few weeks ago. Check out the leading single and tell me you don’t want to dance to this:

DVAS “Society” Official Video from Upper Class Recordings on Vimeo.

Joining them will be Designer Drugs, who I know has made a few wicked remixes in their day.

DVAS – SOCIETY (Album Version) by Upper Class Recordings

Arcade Fire/Janelle Monae/The Sadies

The Island, August 14

I thought for the longest time Spoon would be added to this bill, since Spoon and Arcade Fire are touring together. I guess Spoon pulled a CB4 and got the hell outta there. Either way, this show will be excellent. Make sure to catch Janelle Monae, as she is amazing live. I am sad that I personally will be missing this, but other PM members may be attending, and I always look forward to people on Twitter declaring this show to be the best moment of their life ever.

Janelle Monae – Faster by Atlantic Records UK

Check out her new video as well:

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Admiral Radley/Hooray For Earth

August 15, Horseshoe Tavern

Ex-Grandaddy member Jason Lytle’s new band, Admiral Radley is in town to promote their new album, I Heart California. Joining them will be New York’s Hooray For Earth, creators of the breezy summer song Surrounded By Your Friends. Check out this video:

They’ll be promoting their EP, Momo. This should be a good low key Sunday night show.

Hooray for Earth – Surrounded By Your Friends (Twin Shadow Remix) by SUPMAG

Admiral Radley – I Heart California (KEXP) by ferlopess

NXNE Preview: Top 10 Tips on surviving #NXNE

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Jason Collett, Horseshoe Tavern, NxNE 2009

Toronto – This is another year of Toronto’s infamous music festival, North By Northeast. While I won’t proclaim be the super veteran of this festival or anything, I am approaching the age of 30, thus making me a veteran of life. Here are my top 10 tips on making the NXNE the most enjoyable experience possible. These ten aren’t in any order, as I am doing this on the fly and I don’t even know what #1 is as of this sentence.

10. Know thy venues

If you live in Toronto, chances are you already know where Horseshoe Tavern and Lee’s Palace is. Do you know where the Painted Lady is? Rearview Mirror? The Piston? if not, it’s time to get yourself familiarized with all the venues you plan to hit up and any surrounding backup venues in case the place you want to go is full. Also, know approximately how far one place is to the next, and whats the quickest non-bike way to get there. Never trust streetcars.

9. Know thy food

It is inevitable that you will get hungry at some point during the night, it’s always a good idea to know where you can grab a quick, yet satisfying bite (Poutine). Nothing would suck more then having to go to a subway or something mid-NXNE and eat something like that.

8. Know thy water

As much as you would like to start drinking on Wednesday night at 7 and then continue til the end of the festival, we all know you aren’t going to last. Stay hydrated and switch between alcohol and water. Your next morning self will thank you for it.

7. Know thy beer

Having said that, we all know some bars serve shitty Molson/Labatt type beers. So instead of spending 7 bucks on low quality brew, just wait until the next place you go to and spend it on some quality microbrewery beers.

6. Know thy schedule

You should have backup plans upon backup plans when going to see a show at NXNE. You should also know what bands that you ABSOLUTELY have to see. So if you miss Best Coast on Thursday, know that they play on Friday and don’t throw a hissy fit on twitter or post on fml. It’s not that bad. Just plan accordingly, with nice diagrams, then post it on facebook and tell me about it because I don’t have any plans on my own.

5. Know thy unofficial schedule

Did you know there are some bbqs happening at Trinity Bellwoods every day featuring NXNE bands? How about the one on the island on Sunday afternoon? There are a lot of unoffical showcases going on during this week that are totally free and worth your effort to investigate.

4. skipping this one

Asians don’t deal with the number 4, since it translates to ‘death’ in Chinese. Next.

3. Know thy unknown

If I had told you about the Arcade Fire eight years ago, you probably would not have checked them out (“but..the bravery is playing!” you would say) However, if you had a Delorean, you would absolutely go back in time to check them out before buying a lot of lottery tickets and stocks (and would you go further back in time and kill Hitler? or just let things be..hmm). What I am saying is, make some time to see some random bands, maybe even based on band names or other items. I got the Empire of the Sun album based on their album cover a few years ago, and I am a better man for it.

2. Know thy people

You should probably know that any of the really popular acts playing this festival – Zeus, Best Coast,, Surfer Blood, etc will probably sell out and have lineups outside well before their slated showcase times. So if you try to get in 5 minutes before they go on and are discouraged about the amount of people in line, don’t tweet about how “there’s too many people at nxne now” because, realistically, you are just a dumb ass.

1. Know it’s fun

No matter what happens, know that NXNE is fun and don’t worry about what is potentially going on at some other venue when you are at a show. Not many cities get this type of awesome music festival where you can potentially stumble into any bar and catch the next Broken Social Scene. Just appreciate whatever band you are seeing and see where the night takes you.

Shows This Week-end: June 11 to June 13

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Toronto: There are so many shows this week , I had to break this post into two parts. Lets take a look at the shows this weekend. I will be lying down on a beach at a coworkers cottage.

Arcade Fire

Unless you were living in a cave this week, you will know that the Arcade Fire announced two shows this weekend, one on Friday, one on Saturday. Awesome, right? well, the tickets are only available for purchase on the day of the show, and I believe box office opens at noon, which pretty much eliminates any working person from the equation for Friday. Thanks for rewarding all the good people who hold real jobs, guys. If you want to go to Saturdays show, be prepared to wake up early as the line up will be astronomical. Still, if you get in, then you will definitely be in for a hell of a show, as the Arcade Fire will be previewing their new album The Suburbs.

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs by meanwhileinaustin

The Acorn

Ottawa (probably Toronto based now)’s The Acorn will be celebrating the release of their new album No Ghost. I won’t pretend to know much about the band other then they are a well liked indie rock band and a lot of my friends who are into Canadian music really like them. Plus, I met one of the dudes and he seems nice. Tusks and Lisa Bozikovic are also on the bill. It’s at Lee’s and it’ll be good. Based on other cd release parties, you might get a free cd too! After the show, grab a burrito!

The Acorn – Restoration (Four Tet Remix) by Ragged Words

The Juan Maclean

Those who missed LCD Soundsystems show in May can catch some members of that band play in the Juan Maclean, who will be at the Wrongbar on Friday as they are promoting their DJ Kicks album. Expect a good dancey time that will probably go way into the night.

The Juan Maclean – Happy house by narF

Jamie Lidell

The UK pop-soul singer rolls into town on a tidal wave of hype following the release of his new album, Compass. I quite enjoyed his previous album Jim and would have been at this show if it wasn’t for some major cottage action. I expect a very crowd pleasing show and lots of girls swooning for the English singer. Jamie Lidell is at the Mod Club on Saturday night.

Jamie Lidell – Little bit of feel good by jeesay2

There are lots of other good shows on this weekend, so go to Rotate This and check it out.

The 00’s – A to Z Guide, Part 1

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Toronto – It’s the end of a decade. OMFG. Did that term even exist before 2000? I don’t think so. The past decade has seen many changes (as any decade would have). I’ll let other web sites or writers write about all that we have become and whether or not we are better for it. For now, let’s just focus on the music. Here is an A to Z guide to the 00’s.


Arcade Fire – Only 2 records (and ep) released in the decade, yet the Arcade Fire has to be considered as one of the biggest acts of the decade. Both Funeral and Neon Bible were outstanding albums and for a brief period of time, Montreal was known as a place for a burgeoning music scene as well as the usual poutine, smoked meat, danse contact and the Habs, I’m sure between Broken Social Scene and Arcade Fire, a lot of bands decided it was okay to have 15 people on stage at once.

Other notable letter A’s: Amy Winehouse provided us with a solid retro soul sound, then about 10,000 pages of breakdowns. Animal Collective made it okay to listen to moderately experiment electronic music, and are probably the front runners to make it big in the next decade. The Avalanches made one of the best one and out albums of all time and the Arctic Monkeys showed the world how an extremely rabid and dedicated fanbase can catapult a band from obscurity to stadium shows.


Broken Social Scene – BSS, where would Toronto be without you? This “band” has not even put out an album in the past five years, yet their influence still reigns supreme. Stars, Metric, Feist, Apostle of Hustle..the list goes on and on, name a Canadian band, and chances are, there is a BSS involvement somewhere. I should probably go to a concert one of these days.

Other notable B’s: Badly Drawn Boy kicked off the decade with some wonderful singer songwriter moments. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club brought back black leather bluesy rock n roll and had one of the most awkward award moments ever (2003 NME). British Sea Power brought plants and floral arrangements on stage while creating some of the most underrated and under appreciated albums of the decade.


Cut/Copy – One of the leading figures in the recent electro pop/remix music movements, Cut Copy’s insanely catchy and danceable music has opened the door for many other acts to infiltrate the homes and speakers of people everywhere. Their label, Modular, has become a force in the industry, and is home to bands like The Presets, New Young Pony Club, Van She, Wolfmother and Ladyhawke among others.

Other notable C’sCalvin Harris‘s remixes and music have peppered dance floors all over the globe, Camera Obscura continues to produce solid twee albums while looking completely disinterested in live shows and Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah became one of the first where the hell did they come from and where the hell did they go bands of this new indie era. Crystal Castles also made it okay for Canadians to dance at shows. They are probably due for global dominance with their next album.


Doves – Maybe the most consistently great band of the decade, the Doves put out four albums, all with their own sound and all fantastic. The Last Broadcast is one of my favorite albums of the decade and yea, there’s definitely something to be said about being consistently good. Also, a Doves song was on the OC.

Other notable D’sDandy Warhols – If you asked anyone in 2003 who the band of the decade would be, Dandy Warhols might have been the answer at that point. Bohemian Like You is one of the tracks of the decade, there is no doubt about it. However, they really haven’t done much lately. Dig! was quite a documentary though. Death Cab for Cutie provided music for indie kids with heartbreak everywhere, then proceeded to break every indie kids heart when Ben Gibbard married Zooey Deschanel. The Darkness brought back classic stadium rock for at least one song and Death From Above 1979 provided us with one of the best late night music moments ever:

death from above 1979


Eminem – No real strong indie acts for this letter, but Eminem was pretty f’n big. Everyone knows half the lyrics to that song Stan. He singlehandedly launched Dido’s career and he made Elton John relevant again with the whole homophobic Oscar thing. If there was no Eminem, there would be no 50 cent, and if there was no 50 cent, there would be no ‘In Da Club’ and who has not danced to that song?

Other notable E’sElectric Six – Danger! Danger! High Voltage! – one of the decades best tracks. Too bad this band tried to recreate this song on every album they’ve made since. The Editors have made three really really good albums and have easily shed the sounds like Interpol moniker that have plagued them since they arrived on the scene. Empire of the Sun have hopefully inspired a bunch of bands to make good music and extremely weird videos and look.


Feist – Feist broke away from BSS and well, destroyed Earth. She made it okay for indie artists to make good tunes and good money. Now, you watch 10 commercials, you can recognize 8 songs from bands you like, and it’s okay. Mainly because you downloaded their album and you know they got mouths to feed. Indie kids in Toronto talk about Feist sightings like lil’ girls talking about Robert Pattinson sightings. “I was at the Dakota..and FEIST was there!”

Other notable F’sFranz Ferdinand’s debut album is one of the best of the decade and Take Me Out was just a monster monster song. Final Fantasy introduced violin + looping to many new fans. Flaming Lips walked on a giant hamster ball at epic festival shows and wrote a album about a Japanese girl fighting robots. Fleet Foxes encouraged people everywhere to grow beards.


Gorillaz – Only in this decade can you have a cartoon band fronted by Damon Albarn to be successful. DARE was a great dance tune and well, it was just one of many ventures for Mr. Albarn this decade.

Other G’sThe Go Team made saturday morning cartoon sounding songs cool again. Gary Jule’s Mad World may be the soundtrack song of the decade and Gnarls Barkley‘s Crazy was a internet created one hit wonder.

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