Song of the Day: Postiljonen – Plastic Panorama


It’s very rare Swedish artists put out music I don’t like, and Skyer, Postiljonen‘s debut English  full length is no exception. The trio formed in 2011, and describe themselves (according to the page) as nostalgic day dreamers, and I couldn’t agree more.

Plastic Panorama, my personal favorite on the album paints a beautiful picture with its lush synth and softly sung lyrics. It’s easy to picture yourself in a movie montage as you listen to the song, thinking of days past. The song begins like the intro to an 80’s movie, and when Mia Bøe comes in with her vocals, singing  lyrics like “knew you had a vision, but needed my permission to fly to the night and color the sky, what are you waiting for, well I wanna know, if you felt it all around”  it’s easy to float away and get lost with the song. If you’re trying to get any work done while listening to this album, just stop. This is the perfect lay at the park or the beach with a book album.

Just an add on – the song Supreme, has many M83 like qualities to it, so if you’re a fan of M83, high-tail it to Skyer.

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