Ricky’s Favourite Concerts of the Year

Bat For Lashes at the Phoenix Concert Theatre
Photos by Stephen McGill

Ahh 2020 – what a fuckin’ year. As per the norm, I always reflect on the year that was and normally I’d have these absurd internal arguments about what my favourite concerts of the year were. This year, it was super easy!

BAT FOR LASHES, February 23rd, The Phoenix

February 23rd – what a time to be alive. Sure, there was a crispness in the air as one would expect on any February night. As is so often the case before a show, I met a friend for dinner. Eating dinner indoors, what a luxury. The waitress approached us, maskless, and as is customary, we ordered a bunch of food to share. Sharing dishes … what a concept.

The show itself was packed, and people were oh so close to each other as we tried to get a glimpse of Natasha Khan, who flew all the way over here from England. Remember when people from England were allowed to leave their island? Haha, those were the days. I won’t re-review the show, as you can read about it here.

Definitely my favourite show of the year.

2nd Place: Noah Gundersen, March 13, Drake Hotel

Taking second place is singer-songwriter Noah Gundersen, who played what might be one of the last real concerts in Toronto on March 13, 2020. I’m not going to even pretend to know anything about Noah Gundersen – dude’s got a good voice and his show was pleasant-ish. My friend took me to this show as I was really sad about having to miss SXSW – a pity invite if you will. Anyways, he sang some songs that were okay, but really my favorite part of this night was we went to one of my favourite places beforehand, Bar Isabel. So good. Also, after the show, we went to another one of my favourite places – Brass Taps. You would think that it’s weird to have a night cap at Brass Taps after spending dinner feasting on octopus and Spanish tapas, but onion rings have a special place in my heart.

Hopefully 2021 brings forth more than 2 shows. I swear I’ll never take concert going for granted again.

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