Britpop(ish) Tournament Round 2 Preview

Gruff Rhys

Round 2 is here! No surprises so far.

Some tough battles lie ahead. Vote here

Here’s a video of each of the bands.

Stone Roses
How can you not post this famous meltdown on their first TV appearance?

This video is permanently embedded in my head as it eloquently capture one of the best moments in my life. The way the scrim goes away as soon as the first chorus hits. Bliss.

Despite being known more for their rock tracks (“The Drowners”, “Animal Nitrate”) or their pop tracks (“Trash”, “Beautiful Ones”), it’s the slower tracks that make it for me. Take “Still Life” – this is a stripped down version (vs Dog Man Star‘s triumphant orchestral version) and it’s still stunning.

Here is the piano based stunner “The Next Life” off of their first record

I love James, but they are going up against Pulp.

If you haven’t witnessed James live, you are missing out.

Manic Street Preachers
WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? I have never seen this before. JDB singing a Beautiful South song???

Here is “Motorcycle Emptiness.” I like this video because I caught on to Manics in the late ’90s and had no idea JDB looked like this in another lifetime.

I normally hate Jimmy Fallon but this shit is too wholesome

Saint Etienne
This song is so good.

The Verve
It saddens me that “Bittersweet Symphony” got all the hype off that album. This is the heart.

Supergrass on Ali G:

One of my favourite shows from last year. Remember when we went to shows? Here’s Stereolab on Jools:

I can’t imagine randomly getting tickets to go see Conan and then fuckin’ Radiohead drops “Fake Plastic Trees” on you.

Late Shows were a treasure for discovering new music. Too bad they’re not that important anymore.

Super Furry Animals
This might be my favorite SFA song.

Still good even to this day.

The Charlatans
Part of me feels like they should win due to Tim Burgess doing the #TimsTwitterListeningParty thing. Also, they are still going strong. Longevity has to count for something, right?


I often forget about this Christmas single, but it’s quite good.

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