SXSW Review: St. Lucia, Stubbs, March 15


St. Lucia is the best yacht rock band from the millenial generation. This was my realization as I watched Jean Phillip Grobler dance his face off as a giant fan blows wind into his face. Why don’t bands have fans blow wind into their faces more during shows? It’s way more epic. Have we not learned anything from the 80’s? Clearly St. Lucia has. Their synth-pop stylings brought them much success a few years ago and now they are back.

I haven’t heard their new album, but if the super energetic and pulse pounding show on Tuesday indicates anything, it’s that they pumped up the volume and brought a much more upbeat sound to their new record. It’s kinda odd for me, as my favorite St. Lucia track is the slow burning “All Eyes on You” which to my surprise, still has not been used for a movie montage yet.

St. Lucia will be playing SXSW at the Spotify House this week, check them out.

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