SXSW Preview: The Family Crest – “Beneath the Brine”

I’ll tell you what I was driven to do while listening to Beneath the Brine: acquire an Infernus and speed away doing drive-bys at 245 mph, swerving between semis as if on a suicide mission.

In all fairness, that’s what you do in GTA V regardless of the soundtrack. But this number is like the nitro-jetpack that transfigures your invincibility complex. I first heard The Family Crest on Tiny Desk (below). While the make-up and the instrumental variety make them more versatile compared to your typical 4 piece band, they convey far more on an orchestra, string-quartet quality with a tinge that I would describe as… well, vengeance. With a backup choir, this approaches what you normally hear in the “epic”-genre. If the Tiny Desk concert is anything to go by, this promises to be a fun set at SxSW.

The Family Crest plays St David’s Bethell Hall at 830PM on March 18.

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