Concert Review: Spacehog, December 11th, Lee’s Palace


After the song In the Meantime exploded into our collective minds back in the summer of 1996, you would have probably bet that English band Spacehog was well on their way to mega stardom. That song was great in all it’s glam rock glory, front man Royston Langdon had a killer voice and was dating a celebrity and the band had a big time feel to it. The sky it seemed, was the limit.

Somehow the expectations were never met, and Spacehog did not become the greatest band on Earth. Followup albums The Chinese Album and The Hogyssey never made the impact as expected. When the group went on hiatus in the early 2000’s, there wasn’t much notice. Yet, in the year 2013, for whatever reason, Spacehog decided to give it another go. As It Is on Earth is the first Spacehog album in twelve years and with it, came a tour. Last Wednesday night, they were at Lee’s Palace.

Wearing his trademark orange shades, Royston Langdon and the rest of the band brought a dose of new and old to the half packed crowd at Lee’s. After a rollicking 80 minute show, I still couldn’t figure out why Spacehog are not so much bigger then they were. Spacehog today still sounds like a glam rock mix between 70’s Bowie with some Queen smacked in. Swirling guitars, the occasional piano solo and some definite swagger paced the show. Royston Langdon still has quite the voice and it still sounds fresh today. While the crowd maintained enthusiasm for the new material (which was quite good), it was obvious that “In the Meantime” was the track that everyone was here for. When it came up near the end, Lee’s went crazy and it was glorious. Must be nice to have such an ace in the bag.

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