Concert Review: Langhorne Slim, 9/26/2013, Black Cat


Top Reasons to go to a Langhorne Slim Show:


Langhorne Slim hails from Pennsylvania, sounds like the deep South, and lines his tracks with a New York cutting edge feel. The band’s tracks are refreshingly diverse, varying from sweet to sad to angry to catchy to get-down-and-dance-with-your-cowboy-boots on. I’m a newcomer to the band (and so happy to have come) so I most easily recognized their newest tracks which I would categorize as more upbeat than some of the older tunes. But the band played the spectrum of its impressive repertoire, promising “old, middle aged and new tunes” to its enthusiastic audience.


Langhorne Slim was dapper in a bowler hat with a literal feather in his cap; the banjo player rocked a headband for the ages (and performed the first head-banging-banjo-playing I’ve ever seen), and the bassist had a great granny sweater on complete with an amazing fro and full beard. Also of note were Slim’s super cool arm tattoos and uber-neatly trimmed beard. Fellas, as fall approaches, take note. Purposeful facial hair is key.


I LOVE Langhorne Slim’s lyrics. They are so… surprisingly true. Like, as soon as you hear them you go: YES without thinking you’re agreeing with a cliché. What do I mean, you ask? Examples:

The Way We Move: “In the belly of the whale, in the belly of the best at the last supper honey, make sure you get something – something to eat.” The Last Supper? Yeah, you’d best feed yourself and your soul.

Bad Luck: “I was born with a thorn in my soul sometimes it hurts… might not have much but I know what it’s worth.” In my mind, a new twist on knowing what you want versus what you need – and such a good reminder to appreciate what you have.


I won’t claim to exactly quote Langhorne, but paraphrasing, some of the gems were:

“See, I tried to make a joke right there, and it sounded good in my head…. And then as it came out I was like ‘up, nope, not going to be funny’ – but you know I just went for it, because sometimes you just do what you have to do…”

“I bet you’re thinking about going to the bathroom right about now, but I wouldn’t if I were you. You know we’re going to play the best part of the show when you’re in there.”

And, for the ultimate win, the band was super into audience participation, inviting “friends to groove up on stage” and starting a call and response that everyone loved.

All in all, an awesome show. All your friends, no matter what style/persuasion/taste will enjoy this group. Go, and go in numbers.

Langhorne Slim is promoting their new album The Way We Move through a Fall 2013 tour. Details here

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