Retro Song of the Day: Hot Chip – Over and Over

I am easily infatuated with songs that either 1) have a great beat or 2) have catchy lyrics… so when the two come together – game over – I will loop that four-to-five minute track endlessly through my day for weeks on end. The last song I found to possess this combination is Hot Chip’s Over and Over. The song starts with chimes, progresses to… cowbell and claps? Then brings in the synth. Basically, it’s already fulfilled criterion 1 within the first twenty seconds. When lyrics begin around the :50 mark the song only gets better. Key lines include:

“Laid back, Laid back, Laid back/We’ll give you play back”
“Over and over and over and over and over/Like a monkey with a miniature cymbal/The joy or repetition really is in you.”

Can I tell you what exactly it means? No. Can I tell you I love it? Absolutely.

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