Concert Review: Reptar, Rubblebuck, September 11, Lincoln Hall, Chicago


Reptaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar you know my soul. That’s the only response I have to the lyrics that were busted out by Reptar during their Tuesday night concert at Lincoln Hall:

“But if you see my running down the street/say I wanna be your friend/it’s a phrase I don’t say often enough/don’t want to scare or to offend.” Real talk real time, at least once a day I see someone strolling down the streets of Chicago who is super intriguing and who I just wanna run up to and say “be my friend.” I restrain myself though, because I’ve been told that there are “norms in society” and that this would be “breaking them.” Meh.

“You turn around and south becomes north.” In my mind this is a shout-out to the directionally challenged. What What!

“Circle ring ring triangle square.” I can’t even begin to explain why love this one – I just do.

To top off these fabulous lyrics, the five piece band out of Georgia was living it up onstage – rarely do I see men who wiggle more than I do at concerts, but these guys were putting me to shame. Shout out especially to the keyboardist and the guitarist, I thought they were going to sprain something.

Sebastian is one of my favorites from them – it takes a second for the beat to drop but it’s worth the wait:

I was ready to end the night there, but as the crew was setting up for the second band, Rubblebucket (editor’s note: maybe the worse band name I’ve ever seen), they brought out glowing ribbons, Christmas lights, strobe light necklaces and a black light, and I knew I had to at least stay for a taste, and the second they stepped out on stage I knew I had made the right decision. The band includes a trumpet, a saxophone, a trombone, drums, a bass, and a delightful female vocalist. Approved.

Rubblebucket had some catchy songs, but they shined most when they just jammed onstage together, no lyrics, with the lead vocalist out in the crowd smearing fans with war paint-lipstick. The trumpet and trombone were in perfect synch with each other in terms of dancing. Boys knew how to move. Even their hairstyles were complimentary. One had a shaved head with hair on top, and the other had a shaved head with a long ponytail flowing down the back.

Best part of the set was when the lead vocalist yelled out, “I think it’s time for the robots!” always an appropriate phrase, but often followed by disappointment. Not tonight: out came two shiny, 10 foot robots, who proceeded to bust out dance moves of their own and high five the crowd. When the night includes a Rugrats-inspired band name, a backdrop of SAT vocabulary words, a disco ball, brass band instruments and dancing robots you know you’re in for a good time.

My advice is get your tickets now. Reptar + Rubblebucket = fun, pure and simple.

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