NXNE Review: Limblifter, June 16, El Mocambo

After taking in the crowds at Yonge Dundas, some more crowds watching an empty MMVA stage,and a couple other bands, I made my way to the El Mocambo to catch old skool alt-rockers Limblifter at midnight. You remember “Tinfoil” right? Yeah, you do. Hearing that song wasn’t the highlight of their set though, the highlight was me sitting along the wall at the side of the stage waiting for them to go on stage when beside the poor girl who was a NXNE volunteer given the responsibility of making sure no one went back there. Well this one guy wasn’t having it. He made a bee-line and ploughed straight through but that lasted about five feet when he tripped over face first and landed on one of those hard guitar cases. He just laid there for a good ten seconds or so while everyone within viewing distance processed what had just happened and then we were able to look at each other and acknowledge we all just saw that. Classic.

Oh, and then Limblifter played. They were good too. The Dahle brothers formed this as a side-project while in Age of Electric but drummer Ryan left to join The New Pornographers. The El Mo was at capacity and it was probably the oldest crowd I encountered during the festival. They didn’t miss a beat though and sounded as good as when I remember them as a teenager.

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