NXNE Review: Omegas, June 15, The Shop @ Parts And Labour

What NXNE says: “Omegas are a Montreal based hardcore-punk band featuring an ex-member of Justice and, apparently, ‘are the lords of slam-skank.'”

What PM says: Holy shit! If the uptight yuppies and hipsters that dine upstairs knew what was happening in the basement they’d have called in the Mounties. Not knowing these guys in advance but being intrigued with their bio and it being on my walk home, I decided to check them out. Playing upwards of a dozen songs in about twenty-five minutes at a furious pace can kick the snot out of anyone, especially the dozen or more slamming at the front of the stage. Singer Hoagie frantically paced back and forth and asked more than once between songs, “Where are you turkeys from anyway?” He was surprised at their intensity as much as I was.

For the most part, they played in the dark while the string of lights above were pulled down and more than a few times I took a step back so as not to end up part of the fray. At one point he tossed his beer off the ceiling in front of me. I’m pretty sure it bounced off the face of one of the two poor suckers standing at the bar next to me and gave me a soaked team England jersey. Par for the course I guess. After all was done, I talked to a couple of the show’s casualties at the convenience store next door after the show and they let me know that “Omegas are the best Canadian hardcore band”. I apologize again for the picture but you understand why I chose not to get closer.

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