NXNE Review: METZ, June 15, Wrongbar

Wrongbar is probably my least favourite venue in the city besides Opera House (but that’s only because taking transit to the east end is as painful as watching an episode of Dr. Phil). Wrongbar has a low stage so unless you’re on the elevated sides, you can’t see the band from the main floor which makes it next to impossible to take a decent picture (see above for proof). As well, the stage lighting is minimal, it’s sound is awful, it’s narrow and poorly designed for getting out of there with a wooden table built in the middle by the front bar, and when it’s a packed show, like it was on this night, it’s hot and stanky.

Beyond my whining and complaining, some people like a hot and stanky rock show and on this occasion, local favourites METZ were the providers. METZ were recently signed to Sub Pop and played songs from their forthcoming debut album to be released in October.They play speedy noise punk with crunchy distorted bass provided by Chris Slorach who could easily be mistaken for John Hamm (re: the poorstage lighting), thrashing drumming from Hayden Menzies, and a high energy stage presence from guitarist/vocalist Alex Edkins. At one point Alex lost his glasses mid-song and responded after with “Anyone see my fucking lens? I need that shit and I need it fuckin’ bad.” There were also also lots of “dancers” down front which had him reminding everyone to “be nice to each other. If you knock someone over, then pick them up.” I’m quite sure I also heard him say that someone was bleeding up there too, confirmed by a trip I took to the washroom at the end of their set. A hot, stanky, bloody rock show.

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