NXNE Review: Eternal Summers, June 13, Drake Underground

What NXNE says: “A welcome addition to the barrages of late 80s andearly 90s-era lo-fi acts currently doing the rounds: the sound of a cohesive, hypercompressed imagination finding its way through US underground rock’s salad years with irresistible zeal.”

What PM says: Eternal Summers are a three-piece band hailing from Roanoke, Virginia that played a mix of ’80s high energy electro-pop ala Devo and Blondie but with more speedy guitar-driven hooks providedby front-woman Nicole Yun. They had just busted in from Ohio in the evening and busted out to play the Northside Festival in Brooklyn today so kudos to them for playing upwards of ten short and fast songs in their energetic half-hour set. A good number of supporters came out to see them play songs from their upcoming album “Correct Behavior,” which is being released on Kanine Records July 24th. My personal favourite song entitled “Girls in the City” had drummer Daniel Cundiff singing dark monotone vocals. They have been around since 2008 and have played with the likes of the Raveonettes and Cloud Nothings and will hopefully be back in Toronto touring on this new release.

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