Concert Review: Apparat, May 28, Lincoln Hall

If I had to describe the Monday night Apparat concert at Lincoln Hall in one word, my first choice would be delightful. Second choice would be charming. Third choice would be surprising. Although I know I shouldn’t stereotype bands based on locale or genre, Apparat was not what I was expecting from a German techno group. Instead of a thumping bass, neon lights and four stoic band members, the crowd was treated instead to a stage decorated with little lights that flashed in time to the music and gave the impression of well-synched fireflies, a lighting system that brought to mind the scratchiness of an old newsreel, and four quiet but charismatic musicians. Most endearingly of all, the four of them lined up at the end of the concert and took a bow. Love.

No one song stood out to me, but the entire set was solid, with a rich and varied feel to it, and the last song of the night ended with a rain sound that brought to mind the days of elementary school when our teacher had us make rainsticks out of paper towel tubes, toothpicks and rice (a collective “oh yeah” memory or just me?) although I’m sure the band’s rain-sound producing instrument was a little more high tech. Overall a surprisingly charming and delightful concert – go see these guys if you get the chance.

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