SXSW Review: Band of Skulls, March 15, Cedar Courtyard

You certainly can’t say that Filter doesn’t have a wide range of tastes when it comes to booking their shows at sxsw. Thursday afternoon was their UK day, with three drastically different uk bands at different points of their career headlining the bill.

Three piece Southampton group Band of Skulls was first on the list. Currently riding the momentum of their excellent sophomore release Sweet Sour, the trio was certainly the most hip act on the bill. decked out in black and carrying enough swagger to rival a blinged out basketball team. The set consisted of Band of Skulls playing tracks off their new record, which has already spawned a few hit singles such as Sweet Sour and Bruises. Songs that the crowd obviously knew and loved.

Band of Skull’s bluesy rock, black clad attire and attitude reminded me of another three piece group with a similar disposition that played the exact venue two years ago – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Both bands look and sound incredibly cool but underneath the gold plated guitars and voracious drumming lies some excellent song writing with a great sense of timing. Band of Skulls knows when to rock of and when to pull back, and it’s that sense that makes their music so damn good. I also really like the vocal interplay between guitarist Russell Marsden (who looks like he could of walked of the set of Thor) and bassist Emma Richardson. This show seemed like a bit of an coming out party for the group and they delivered on their short set with just some kick ass rock and roll. The crowd loved them and there is little doubt in my mind that they’ll be back and bigger than ever.

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