SXSW Review: Django Django, March 14, Mohawk

Django Django

Oh, the noise that they make.

Django Django‘s self titled debut album has been one of my favorite albums this year when I heard that the quartet was coming to SXSW, I made it an absolute priority to see them.

They did not disappoint.

Employing seemingly every percussive instrument ever made, Django Django’s showcase at the Mohawk on Wednesday was an impressive exercise in rhythm and originality. It’s hard to frame how Django Django sound specifically, but it’s very good. The vocals get lost amongst all drums, the swirly guitars and the effects, but you get a sense that is how it’s intended to be. You can hear a thousand bands at SXSW, but I bet none will sound like Django Django, and that’s a great thing.

Django Django will take you on a trip, just go along for the ride.

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