Canada Flag Day Song of the Day: Housemartins – Flag Day

Today is Canadian Flag Day. A mere 47 years ago, the flag of Canada was officially inaugurated. Why isn’t this a national holiday? Our flag is important, and quite pretty. Most people didn’t even know it was flag day! Let’s get this movement going.

Here are some facts about our flag:

- it’s red
– it’s white
– it has a maple leaf on it
– The government gave away a million flags after the Quebec referendum to promote national unity, costed the government $15-million.
– The Americans think our flags look like this:

Sadly, there are no Canadian bands that made a song called Flag Day. Fear not, my Canuck friends, for the English do have a song titled Flag Day It’s by political 80s jangle pop band The Housemartins and also happens to be a track I really enjoy. For those who don’t know these guys, one of the members of the band happen to become Fat Boy Slim a mere decade later while another founded similar sounding band The Beautiful South. You’ve learned a lot today!

Check out the song and then do something patriotic. But not tooooo patriotic.

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  1. Flagofcanadasong

    Are Canadians prepared for our flag’s 50th birthday?
    As National Flag of Canada Day approaches on February 15th, it is a reminder of the excitement when the new flag was first announced in 1965.

    Freddy Grant’s song “Flag of Canada” was taught that year at many schools across Canada, including Mrs. Loretta Holdridge’s Grade 3 class at Cedar Hill School in Victoria BC.

    Click ( to hear the song being sung by one of Holdridge’s students, 45 years later. In preparation for the flag’s 50th birthday in 2015, Wendy Station has taken on a patriotic personal challenge, volunteering to teach the song again in classrooms, or to any interested group across Canada.

    Contact Station by email via ( for more information.

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