Song of the Day Part 1: Cisco – Flying

Toronto – This short two minute synthesizer drenched dance instrumental track has been on rotation since I discovered it about 10 minutes ago. It’s a simple little track with a lovely progression, yet it’s absolutely kicking. All I know about this artist is that he’s from Spain and is off the label Wave Collective. It’s not easy to internet search this person who has the same name as a certain high power technology company who probably has the top 100 search result pages of the term ‘cisco’ purchased from Google. Let this be a lesson to you kids. Don’t name your bands after high power, high indexing technological companies.

This song reminds me of a pleasant time a few months ago in Barcelona when me and a few of my friends went to this club called Apolo Sala and they played a healthy and awesome dose of electro synth pop that lasted us well into the night. I still remember ordering a rum and coke for about five euros, and then the girl poured an entire glass full of rum and handed me a bottle of coke. I remember ordering two more of those, and then taking a random bus trying to get home, only to get lost and then discovering how cheap cabs are.

Cisco – Flying by Wavecollective Records

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