Hot Docs: The Hollywood Complex [2011, Dan Sturman Dylan Nelson]

Toronto – The Hollywood Complex is a documentary that should be shown to any parents who think their child is the greatest and want them to go to Hollywood to become a child star. Despite the film’s light nature, it’s a documentary that shows you that for every star that’s born, there are thousands of casualties. Each year, countless aspiring child actors with parents in tow makes that journey to Hollywood, hoping to live out the magic fairy tale. They often stay at the Oakwood complex, a well-known establishment for child actors and families. It is here that a bulk of the documentary takes place.

We meet several burgeoning wannabe child actors, each complete with semi crazy parents who are pretty much trying to use their child’s innocence as a meal ticket. As the months go on, we meet agents, talent scouts, acting coaches, photographers and other experts in the industry all trying to provide help to these families while simultaneously trying to take them for all they are worth. It’s a vicious cycle, as everyone speaks in that fake Hollywood voice and sells dreams to these susceptible families. Some of the characters have given up everything to be there, resulting in broken families, poor schooling and a mountain of debt.

This documentary is fascinating, the subject is at times very frustrating to watch, as you see parents trying to live out their dreams vicariously through their children and the film definitely does not help break any previous sleazy Hollywood type stereotypes you may have had. I highly recommend going to see The Hollywood Complex.

Sun, May 1 9:45 PM @ Isabel Bader Theatre
Tue, May 3 3:45 PM @ TIFF Bell Lightbox 2
Sun, May 8 1:00 PM @ Cumberland 2

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