Song of the Day: Code Pie – North Side City View

Toronto – Welcome to a new maybe daily series called Song of the Day, which is what we’ll post if we can’t find anything to post/are too lazy to write up anything more then a few lines. Those social media expert types say you should post every day if you want to be popular, so here we are, comprising quality for quantity. ONLY NOT, because this song right here is one of quality.

A band of the Montreal variety, Code Pie have been around for a few years releasing albums here and there. Their latest release is Love Meets Rage off Indiecater Records. I have only heard this one track, but it seems like a toe tapping extravaganza with upbeat notes of piano, the occasional horn and strings (personal fav) and a slow rising coda that I may or may not use as my new morning alarm clock sound. Check out this tune, it goes pretty well with all this spring time stuff that’s going on.

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