Concert Review: Suede, December 7th, O2 Arena

London – What can you write about a concert featuring your favorite band singing 23 of your favorite songs and you are freaking close to the stage even though the show is at the cavernous O2 Arena (a place that has amusement park rides on the concourse). Suede at the O2 arena was amazing, it was as expected, my favorite show of the year and everything was amazing. Let’s start off with the set list:

This Hollywood Life
The Drowners
Animal Nitrate
We Are The Pigs
Pantomime Horse
By The Sea
Killing Of A Flashboy
Can’t Get Enough
Everything Will Flow
The Next Life
The Asphalt World
So Young
Metal Mickey
The Wild Ones
New Generation
Beautiful Ones

The Living Dead
To The Birds
Saturday Night

With the exceptions of Still Life and Europe is My Playground, everything I really wanted to hear was covered. It was an hour and forty five minutes of literally non stop singing action, as the Suede blazed from one song to another.

Let’s start from the beginning. I rarely ever go to arena shows. I have never even been to a show at the ACC, so imagine the look on the security guard’s face when I asked him if there was coat check. Haha. The O2 arena is set up nicely. There’s many restaurants everywhere for food. I kinda wish the ACC had that same setup. I got there at the end of the New Young Pony Club set, just enough time to hear The Bomb, which was all I really wanted to hear from them. We had lodged ourselves to the left of the stage not too far from the front, so the time in between the end of the NYPC set and the beginning of the Suede set was spent making sure no one got in front of us. The crowd was older as expected, but there were still a few younger kids in the crowd. Those kids have good taste.

At 9:15, the lights dimmed and a recording of Introducing the Band played over the soundsystem. The band soon emerged, dressed in all black and they launched into a vicious version of This Hollywood Life. Normally, I am not the biggest fan of that track, but tonight, it sounded so lively that you had no choice but to love it. As you would expect, the rest of the night was one big sing-a-long. Brett’s voice sounded great and he’s a great front man. Between his dancing, microphone twirling, call and response and dramatic singing, it made every song seems so much more epic. Songs like Pantomime Horse had an extra oomph to it, that had you thinking “yeah, there’s still some justine-damon resentment there”.

At 10:15, they played Asphalt World. So at 10:15pm on December 7th, 2010, I heard my favorite song ever live for the very first (and potentially last) time. I was a bit sad they cut it off after the four minute mark, but I didn’t expect them to play the whole ten minute version (or the Bernard version, I guess).

The 1-2 punch of New Generation and The Beautiful Ones was a great way to end off the initial set, as the former was a fist raising rauncher while the latterr inspired what might be the one of the greatest LA LA LA LA sessions of all time. You might make fun of Suede for all the Oooohhs they incorporate into their music, but at a show, those OOhhs are golden. GOLDEN.

All in all an amazing show. Paul went in a bit skeptical about the show and came out wanting to buy a t-shirt. For me, it’s something to be able to finally see a band you’ve loved for about twelve years. It’s something else to see them live and watch them kick ass. I’m not sure where Suede is going from here, but I’m hoping it’s a North America tour, since I can’t really afford to fly to England for these concerts all the time.

The Asphalt World by The London Suede

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8 Responses to Concert Review: Suede, December 7th, O2 Arena

  1. mick

    Nice review Ricky,it was a great show,they are all looking older than when i first went to see them ,but they still got it Bretts voice is fantastic,when he done the acoustic number in the encore,he commanded absolute silence,great show great review,thank you.

  2. Mark

    Oh man! Yeah when I saw the setlist I was wondering where “Still Life” was.

    Still though. This sounds amazing.

  3. Petra

    Hey, I totally agree with everything you said, I flew from Croatia just to see them, I loved them in highschool and to see Heroine and New generation live was just incredible… I loved the show, but I’m sorry too they didn’t play Europe is our playground (I really hoped they would) and Still life, but on the other hand, they included 3 B-sides (and they sounded great) and played almost half of their first three albums, which are the best part of their career (I was afraid I might hear Positivity, but fortunately theay stopped at Head music). AAAwwwww… Hope they plan an extended European tour so I can see them again, myabe somewhere closer to home…

  4. J Bond

    Hi mate, enjoyed your review. Been a fan since 96 and have seen them several times including this year in March at the Royal Albert Hall but get this….due to the bad weather our trains got cancelled and couldnt make it down from Scotland and the concert ticket company wouldnt refund us so in total we had 6 unhappy….very unhappy punters and 6 wasted tickets. GUTTED!! Hope they reform or at least do another show.
    Cheers JB

  5. Jason Paris

    More Toronto folks in the O2 that night. Who knew?

  6. Ricky

    this makes 4!

  7. Max

    Agreed, fantastic show – and agreed coming from toronto was expensive and can’t be repeated that often. Now, do I go to Coachella to see them? Or does this imply further activity in North America?

  8. Nick A.

    Suede, come back!

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