SXSW Primer: Surfer Blood

Toronto – So there’s two big festivals going on in march – SXSW and CMW, so in the next few weeks, we’ll be posting up some random stuff about bands that are playing at these festivals. First up is Floridian band Surfer Blood. These guys are currently riding a wave of critical acclaim (Pitchfork gave it 8.2) into Austin and you can be sure their showcases will be packed. Their album Astro Coast was released on January 19th and reviews have generally been favorable. Also, they have TWO songs named after a WWF catchphrase (“jabroni”). It’s kind of hard to pin point what kind of music they sound like. I guess it’s mostly indie power pop, filled with big riffs, occasional feedback and reverb. Check out the song Swim, aside from all the big elements I just mentioned, it also has a Vampire Weekend-ish instrumental in the middle.

Surfer Blood will also be at Sneaky Dees, March 6th as well as at SXSW.

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