Concert Review: Art Brut, August 12, Lees Palace


Toronto – Eddie Argos wants you to form a band. Why? here are 3 reasons:

1. More records in record shops
2. It’s fun (“Look at how much fun we are having!…this can be yooooooooou”)
3. Because he told you so.

I believe it was Art Brut‘s mission last night to inspire the 100-150 people at Lee’s Palace to start a band…bring back rock n roll and have a good time. Touring in promotion of their third full length album (Art Brut vs Satan), the German-England outfit brought out their A game to deliver a great show to those who showed up. Anyone who has listened to any Art Brut songs will know it is mostly lead signer Eddie Argos delivering razor sharp lyrics over pseudo punk/hard rock riffs and man, the lyrics are amazing (“DC Comics and chocolate milkshakes..some things will always be great!”).

“Modern Art…makes me…want to rock out!”

Art Brut definitely rocked out last night. There was a lot of screaming, dancing, jumping around and of course, a crowd invasion during the song “Modern Art” which had Eddie going into the crowd and telling a story about visiting the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. Hell, at one point, he was using the microphone cord as a skipping rope. The 80 minute set consisted of songs from all three albums and hilarious intros to most songs. Older songs that were played included “My Little Brother”, “Emily Kane”, “Good weekend”, “Bad Weekend”, “Bang Bang Rock and Roll”, “Direct Hit” and “18000 Liras”. The last of which was a request that interrupted Argos mid sentence during the encore..the exchange went a little something like this:

Eddie: “Our next song is about drunken text messagi-“
Fan: “18000 LIRAS!!!!”
Eddie: “and 18,000 liras..Art Brut, are you ready? 18000 Liras, lets go!”
*plays 18000 Liras*
Eddie: “Our next song is about drunken text messaging…”

Anyways, there were many of those nice little bits throughout the show and it made for a very intimate and excellent show from one of the most honest bands I’ve seen.

Check them out if you are in this area
13 Aug 2009 Magic Stick Detroit
14 Aug 2009 Subterranean Chicago
15 Aug 2009 Green Festival Chicago

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5 Responses to Concert Review: Art Brut, August 12, Lees Palace

  1. Duncan

    Nice review…Great show. We need more bands working as hard as Art Brut.

    I was speaking with Eddie befoe the show and they will be back to TO in November…not sure where.

    ps. I was the guy who asked for 18,000 Lira! Love that tune!

    Rock on!

  2. Hanan

    haha love it.
    I really like Art Brut. Eddie’s great.

  3. UtoldUs

    Sounds like a crazy group of musicians. Was never dare to enter Lee’s Palace but very often pass it on Bloor. What kind of profile is this place?

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