NXNE Concert Review: Patrick Wolf, June 17, Mod Club

Patrick Wolf, Mod Club, June 17

Toronto – I don’t even know where to begin. This show was absolutely insane. There is no way any show at NXNE will top this. Matt and Kim would have to burn down the Whippersnapper and then stab a bunch of 905ers in Little Italy for me to even consider them to be on par. Patrick Wolf was in town for the Nylon tour which also features The Plasiticines, Jaguar Love and Living Things. I will have a review on the Living Things later. As you probably know, Patrick Wolf was touring to promote his very excellent record “The Bachelor“. After the disappointment that was the Passion Pit show last night, I was ready for something good. Well, as most people witness, the show was absolutely ridiculous. Gary pretty much summed up his performance as “a maniacal theater on legs” which is pretty accurate.

Patrick Wolf, Mod Club, June 17

It’s pointless trying to explain the show. Highlights were the duel violin battle on “Damaris”, the intense delivery of “Count of Casualty” (where Patrick Wolf asked the crowd “You think thats funny? TEN THOUSAND LIVES! Think of YOUR MOTHER!” ) and many others. I guess it should be noted that he progressively took clothes off during the show. I swear, if he played during pride week I think his record sales would shoot thru the roof.

During the show he was always complaining about the monitor, then about an hour in, he sang “I’m still singing even with these monitors!” then proceeded to throw the microphone stand off the stage and threw a fit and left the stage. It took about fifteen minutes before a stage hand came out apologized to everyone and then the show began. A lot of people left since it was about 12:30 at this time, but when he returned (wearing only a frickin thong) he proceeded to sing his popular tunes which included “Hard Times”, “The Magic Position”, “Accident/Emergency”, “Vulture” and then invaded the crowd for the set ending “Battle”. Some singers invade the crowd and then run back on stage, this guy invaded the crowd and stayed there for the whole time..had everyone jumping up and down and I was personally wondering if the floor was going to cave in.

Patrick Wolf, Mod Club, June 17

Nevertheless, everyone who stayed til the end left the show in a “what the fuck just happened” mode. That’s always a sign of a good show. Gary took some photos at the show, some of them are NSFW but check them out here.

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  1. Allison

    The only thing he’s missing is the ass-chaps. I think we have a latter-day Buddy Cole + Prince on Crystal Meth on our hands here.

    Whoever designed these outfits was probably also Bai Ling’s fashion consultant in her early days. Since I am deadline-free let’s provide some fashion commentary.


    Where do I begin? He looks like a chunky knitted shiek about to go for a tribal hunt. Those are either bound lobster claws or fossilised pieces of poo around his chest, but either way, I am scared. The headdress looks like an autistic A&P employee’s take on decorating an eggplant-shaped cake.


    Papier mache bat + bird cape? This is possibly what Bud Court’s baby would’ve looked like in Brewster McCloud, had he mated with a piece of poo, or maybe a Hefty trash bag.


    David Sylvian circa Japan crosses with a German Laser Tag employee. I think I see a rhinestone cuff in there too.


    This guy must fart in multi-coloured glitter. And..is that a Hefty trash bag?


    This thong looks like it was fashioned from a roll of black electrical tape. That’s one way to wax your nads.

  2. Karla

    This was /the/ best day of my life.
    Meeting and talking to Johnny Whitney was amazing.
    All the pain in my shins and heels by the end of the night was 100% worth the experience.

  3. Vik

    man i just missed his show in vancouver.

  4. Jen


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