Hot Docs Preview – Jackpot [2009, Alan Black]

This 50 minute doc takes an in depth look at five diehard bingo players. Filmed at Delta Bingos’ St. Clair West location here in Toronto, we get an inside look at the sport of bingo and the people who play it. After the initial curiosity of the bingo players wears off we get a deeper look into why these people love playing so much and the life events from their past that drive them to come back day after day.

If you are a fan of The Big Lebowski, then you are going to fall in love with Jackpot after the first five minutes. If you think about it, a bowling ally has the same aesthetics and charm as a bingo hall. Tacky wall murals, neon signs, fluorescent lighting, and a clientele who are not exactly in their prime reproductive years; yep the bingo hall has it all. The cinematography, bright colors, superb editing and instrumental soundtrack provided by locals the Fembots make this move a must see. I would suggest that you snort, eat, drink, smoke or inject whatever vice you have that helps you concentrate, not concentrate, realax, or chill out and just sit back and enjoy the visual ride.

Friday May 1st – 10:PM The Royal Cinema
Sunday May 10th – 6:30 PM Bloor Cinema

Jackpot screens with Clubland

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