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Concert Review: Snow Patrol and Ed Sheeran, April 17th, Massey Hall

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(written by guest contributors Emma Blanche and Shalini Nanayakkara, two 16 year olds from Ottawa, who make the trip down the 401 to catch this show) Massey Hall was grooving a couple of Tuesday nights ago in the presence of Irish alt-rock band Snow Patrol. But it seemed most of the younger crowd had gathered for the opening act, a short ginger-haired acoustic bloke from Suffolk, England by the name of Ed Sheeran. He stepped on stage with only his …

Summerworks Interview: Keith Barker [Homegrown]

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Keith Barker from the Summerworks play Homegrown A lot has been said already about the Summerwokrs show Homegrown. Good, bad, the Prime Minister. It is all out there. No matter what you think of the show, it has certainly raised some quesions about the arts, funding, terrorism and the media. Keith Barker is a Toronto actor who plays the roll of Greg, the boyfriend, in Homegrown. I wondered what it was like to be an actor involved with a play …

Hot Docs Review: Short Docs

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Six Weeks [Marcin Janos Krawczyk, 18min] This is a pretty powerful doc. In Poland when a mother gives her baby up for adoption, she has six weeks to change her mind. This story follows one particular mother who, due to her current economic situation, had decided to give her baby up for adoption. Few words are spoken in this verite piece. In terms of simply showing a story, Six Weeks really hits the mark. One of the final scenes where …

Hot Docs Review: The Story Of Furious Pete [G.I. Productions, 2010]

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The Story OF Furious Pete is the story of Peter Czerwinski, who at the age of 16 was hospitalized and nearly died as a result of anorexia. Now, seven years later, he is a champion in the sport of competitive eating. Peter’s mother also has MS. That is pretty much it. I did not enjoy this documentary. Here are the reasons why. 1. As far as documentary subjects go, some people make better subjects than others. I think that Pete …