SXSW Review: Primal Scream, March 19, Cedar Courtyard

Austin – One of the bands I had marked on my ‘must see’ list was Scotland’s Primal Scream. So imagine my disappointment Thursday night when I arrived to the Cedar Courtyard to find it completely packed. First of all, let me set up the Cedar Street Courtyard for you. It is basically an alleyway in between two buildings, there are steps that lead down to it from the main street and then on the other side, there are steps that lead back up. The whole alley is about 40 feet wide and not too long. Actually, here’s a picture:


I guess in hindsight, I should have known better that the show would be packed. Luckily for me, I was able to find a place just on top of the stairs to watch the show. I guess it would be similar to the back of the kool haus or something. Primal Scream were slotted to play at 12:45 am, but I am pretty sure they started their set about 5 minutes early. Like every other review, I do not know the set list. I just know that they played a lot of later material. The crowd was pretty hot for the band, considering it was almost one and everyone was probably running on fumes. Bobby Gillespie was quite a showman, encouraging the band to clap, put their hands in the air, getting right into their faces and belting out the songs with his trademark delivery. Here are some songs I remember being played

Miss Lucifer
Beautiful Future
Some song off Screamdelica (not come together or loaded or movin on up or higher then the sun)

and of course, to end off the night, the massive song “Rocks”. It was a great song to end off a pretty stellar show, I just wish I was a bit closer. Also, I wish they played Kill All Hippies, and those Screamdelica songs.

Primal Scream play the Phoenix on March 24, I wish my flight was earlier so I could go.

I feel like Skee Lo, wishing for so many things.


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