SXSW Review: Voxtrot, March 17, La Zona Rosa, Austin


Austin – Technically not a SXSW showcase, Voxtrot played at the SXSW Interactive closing party (hosted by Media Temple) on Tuesday night. For me, I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the music portion of my trip then to check out Austin’s favorite Smiths influenced band on their home turf. For those not in the know, Voxtrot became Panic Manual favorites a few years ago with their bouncy pop tune ‘The Start of Something’. Their music can be considered a brand of jangly indie pop.

I would figure that Voxtrot’s showcases at SXSW was because of a new album coming out, but i guess they only have a new song to promote (you can download it for free here ).

The band came on at ten and there was a rather sparse crowd watching them. Most of the people at the party were too busy watching drunk nerds fall off the mechanical bull to catch Ramesh Srivastava’s take on good well crafted pop music. Did I mention this party was an open bar? Anyways, Not having much new material, Voxtrot played a set consisting of tracks from the Raised By Wolves EP , Mothers Daughters Sons and Wives Ep and the self title LP. Despite what I thought was some muffled guitar sounds, the rest of the music was crisp. I don’t know if it’s a curse or not, but it seems like songs off the Raised by Wolves EP are STILL the most popular tracks from the band. Sad to say, they did not play ‘The Start of Something’, but I guess this was realistically just a crowd who was just there for free booze and good tunes. Well, mission accomplished for them.

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