Travel Review: West Edmonton Mall – Part 2 [2008, Edmonton]

Edmonton – Part 1 of the review can be found here. In part 1, we covered phase 3 of the Mall, which includes a submarine, sea lions, an enormous, movie theatre, a hotel, a casino, a two floor HMV, a golf course, a waterpark, a european boulevard and a night club. Today, we look at phase 2.

Look, it’s a fuckin whale! Han Solo Carbonite style.

Poor thing never saw it coming, but neither did Hans.

Here is West Edmonton Mall’s take on Bourbon street, as re-imagined by franchised corporations.

If you visit WEM in the months of August and September, this area is flooded with two feet of water. OH HELL NOES DID I JUST SAY THAT? yep.

Naturally, on top of one of the most famous American attractions, is Chinatown.

Look at those dragons, just reeks of Chinaness.

On to Galaxyland, the amusement park inside the mall.

Space drop of doom. Muchos fun has been had on that

Here is a vomit inducing spinny thingy, good use of space though.

The Mindbender, a ride so dangerous people died on it.

Weee, well that was fun.

Phase 2 of WEM has this, a casino, a movie theatre and an ice rink.
Phase 1 consist of department stores and stuff, so no pictures there.

So there you have it, the wonderful, magical, West Edmonton Mall

Here is a song for your troubles

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