Travel Review: Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Hong Kong – Yup, this blog covers anything and everything. This is your one stop shop. Obviously, I just spent the past three weeks in Asia so most of my posts will be Asia related. Lets take a look at Ocean Park in Hong Kong. I will pretty much say this, Ocean Park is a top notch tourist attraction. One of the best I’ve been to, and I have been to both Sea Worlds, Disneyland, Disneyworld, Universal Studios in Florida and LA, MGM, Six Flags and Fujiama Park in Japan among others.

A little info first – Ocean Park is both an amusement park and an aquarium. It has two main areas, and the areas are separated by mountains, so you can take a cable car ride from one to the other. The cable car ride is spectacular, as you get a good view of the South China sea:

cable car

So what makes it so great? Well, its got a bit of everything. Lets take a look at the animal side – We got the freakin Pandas, which are arguably the cutest animals on Earth. You can literally stare at these things for hours and not be bored. I don’t even know why.

Then there is also a Jellyfish exhibit, Dolphins, Sea Lions, Seals, Sting Ray, Shark tank and a very impressive aquarium. The aquarium is crazy good, and has all kinds of massive fish, manta rays and sea turtles in it. Its hard to describe how many fish they have in that thing. I was wondering what they would taste like, but thats me. The jellyfish exhibit is great. At first I wasn’t even sure if I was watching a tv or was it an actual tank. As far as animals are concerned, the only thing they lack is a Killer Whale, otherwise there is not much u can complain about. They even have Parrots, Owls and Hawks and stuff like that.

The picture above shows you some of the amusement park rides that the park houses. There are several more and while they aren’t the craziest rides, you do still get some excitement. Think about it, these rollar coasters (theres 3) are all on the side of a frickin mountain over looking the ocean. So when you are up at the top, you feel as if you are higher then you are. I think they are building a really really big rollar coaster as well, so it’ll be improved.

The lineups can get a bit long at times, so go early. Theres a lot of shows to watch (dolphin show, sea lion show, bird show, feeding of the sharks) so make sure you have time for that too. The food there is decent, and for the non experimental people, theres a mcdonalds in the amusment park for you.

This place is a definite must go for all tourists to HK.


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