Concert Review: Joel Plaskett, May 26, Opera House

Toronto – Since I am someone who grew up in Western Canada, I have never been too familiar with Joel Plaskett or Thrush Hermit, for that matter. I was pretty much too busy rolling in Oil and receiving free handouts from the government to listen to some East Coast rock. Really, I have never been to the Maritimes, but I would believe its probably night and day. I think the West Edmonton Mall is probably the size of PEI, but whatever, that would probably sound ignorant or something.

Basically, what I am saying is that I didn’t really know what the show would be like. Joel Plaskett is from Nova Scotia, and I’ve heard good things about him, so I expected a good show. I also expected a lot of ex-maritime people at the Opera House. I don’t know why, but I would expect them to be there ‘representin’ the east coast, much like how if there’s a scottish band playing, half the crowd would be ex-pats from scotland, and would yell out their township name halfway thru the show. Of course, I couldn’t really tell who was from the maritimes and who’s not (i would assume all non-white people are not from the maritimes).

the show itself was pretty good, catch canadian rock-pop. everyone seemed really into it and he played a really long set too, which kinda cut into the post-party kegger i was attempting to visit. it’s all good though. for someone who’s heard maybe five songs prior to the show, I enjoyed the show quite a bit and that’s saying something. joel plaskett is pretty skinny, Im pretty sure if I lived in Halifax, i’d probably eat lobster every day, and get really fat.


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