Concert Review: The Cribs, April 30th, El Mocambo

Toronto – going to a show at the El Mo makes me wonder…how much business does the Red Room get on a night of a concert at the El Mo? I mean, its about as default a meeting place as one can get. If you go to the Mod Club, theres plenty of places to predrink, same with Lees or Horseshoe or to a certain extent, the Opera House. You don’t really meet up with friends before a show at the Phoenix because of this chart i made right now:

Anyways, with the El Mo, its always the Red Room. I have to say, their all day breakfasts are really really cheap compared to a lot of places. I only had tofu puffs tonite though, as I was trying to channel the inner vegetarian, for no particular reason.

I really enjoyed the first Cribs album, I remember it sitting in my downloads folder for the longest time, and I didn’t listen to it because I thought it was some rap group. Anyways, the Cribs are a trio of brothers (real ones, unlike the Fratellis) that sing guitar-pop/rock songs. The first one is more guitar pop, whereas the second album is more of a rock album.

The concert was not well hyped, and the capacity was about 70%, which is good. I arrived shortly after they began was still able to push and shove my way to within 10-ish feet of the stage. The Cribs started off with some song, I forgot what it was..maybe ‘mirror kisses’ off their second album. The crowd seemed to like them, there was a hardcore squad of people in the middle doing the usual stuff big fans of any band do. The rest were being typical Toronto like, which means .. immobile. At one point in time, one of the members actually said ‘so most of you have our album, so how come none of you are dancing?” BURRRRRRRN.

They played for about an hour, and played some of the big hits ..namely the Telus tune (“Martel”) and some other stuff. They didn’t play my favorite song, so that was a major bummer. I did get stickers though. That was cool. I think the problem with the Cribs is that most of their songs are pretty similar, so over the course of a show, it kinda all gels together. In the end, they probably need to expand their song to achieve any sort of success beyond what they have now. I enjoyed the show, it was good energy, but after watching the Klaxons destroy the crowd a few weeks ago, this one seemed a lot less awesome.

Review: 3/5

Here is a the music video of the song i like most from them, it was made for probably 12 dollars

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