Concert Review: Say Hi To Your Mom, Sneaky Dees, April 4

Toronto – Before I ventured out into the night to see the band “Say Hi To Your Mom”, I definitely had some reservations about going to this show. Basically there were 3 factors that really had me not wanting to go.

1. Guitar Hero II
2. Rain
3. 15 Minute walk, including a trip to the cash machine (cash machinnnnnnnnnnne)

However, I decided that if I was just to sit at home, then the terrorists win. I couldn’t have that, so off I went to the show, which took place at Sneaky Dees. As I walked to the place, I cursed myself for not wearing proper footwear. By the time I had reached my bank, the inner sole of my right foot felt like a sponge. Damn you torrential rain. Anyways, my anger at my footwear was somewhat alleviated when my roommate Wade also swore about his shoes. I don’t know why I felt better, but I did.

Sneaky Dees was about 1/4 full when I got there, and all these assholes took all the seats in the place, leaving me to be leaning against the bar. Unfortunately, we arrived way too early, and caught the end of the opening act called “Your Band Sucks”. They were not good. 3.75 Steamwhistles were good, but I think I would have needed about two dozen bottles of beer to enjoy the next act, whose name escapes me (or I had it erased from my mind). They just sounded like feedback. The guy did have a flute on stage, but I don’t think it was used properly.

Say Hi To Your Mom came on about 11:15. To my surprise, it was the lead singer was the same guy who sold me some swag earlier. I guess it makes sense, as when I bought the shirt the dude looked me directly in the eye and said “Thanks man, I Really appreciate it.” He said it slowly and deliberately, trying to hammer the point home that he appreciate me buying the swag. I guess they aren’t doing that well financially. Its a good thing I didn’t tell him I downloaded all their cds on mp3s, so I didn’t have to buy it, allowed all my friends access to download this music so they don’t have to buy it either. I dunno how he woulda reacted.

By the time SHTYM came on, the place was about 1/3 full. Most of the people there were probably OCAD students or people with art degrees (or as I like to call them, people in the service industry..hahaha). Wade made a comment he was surprise that the goth contingent did not make its presence felt, as the most recent album by SHTYM was about vampires. That kinda thinks makes me wonder… do Goths eat Mexican food? Like, when goths gather around at some eatery, do they go ‘so…raven, you want nachos?’. Interesting.

Anyways, the show was pretty good. It was a really short set, like 45 minutes or something. I was disappointed to see that same lead singer dude drink Coors beer. I guess that is what you have come to expect from Americans. You can take an American out of America, but you can’t take their crappy drinking preferences out of them.

Show 3/5 (pleasant while it lasted, but waaaaaaay too short)
Ticket cost: 5$

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