Concert Review: Ben Kweller , Phoenix, March 6

It’s always pleasant when you go to see an opening act and the act plays over an hour. This was what happened last nite at the Phoenix. The place was nearly at capacity for the opening act that is Ben Kweller, despite the fact that he is about 4’3 and has what appears to be a jew-fro, this little midget can carry quite a tune. The crowd seemed quite into it as he showed off his repertoire of talents which included a solo acoustic set, stuff with the piano and some bluesy guitar playin.

I thought the show was quite good, and aside from the fact that ‘wasted and ready’ was not played, the setlist was quite good. I did not stay for Gomez, as I was tired, did not want to wait 45 minutes for them to setup and my back was tired, which indicates to me that i shouldnt be sitting at a 45 degree angle all day.


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