2006 Concert Review

Hard to believe the year is coming to a close. Its been short, yet, long. I mean, I saw Hard Fi in January. Who’s Hard Fi? haha Jokes. That show seemed eons ago though. Overall, this has been my least active concert year out of the three or so years I have been here. Maybe I am getting old, but there was a lot of shows I was going to go to (Mates of State, Lilly Allen, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) but didn’t end up going for some reason.


  • Massive Attack, October 6, Carlu – I wrote about this one already.
  • Charlatans, May 22, Phoenix – These guys put on quite a good show, playing lots of classics as well as new stuff (which sounds good live). Good energy, and its the first time I have ever seen them, so thats fresh.
  • The Strokes, Sept 10, Island – Part of the Virgin Festival experience, they played an extremely tight set that had everyone going.
  • Radiohead, June 6, Hummingbird
  • – Man oh man. Radiohead in such a small venue…aces.

Low Lights (is that a word?)

  • Belle and Sebastian, Feb 25, Docks
  • – one of my favorite bands in the worst venue ever plus 45 buck tickets = bad time. I can’t even begin to describe how shitty the docks is for a show, or any show. Sometimes, I wonder, if terrorists can only attack places we don’t like, like the docks…then it would be a win-win situation for everyone. we lose something we don’t like, and they successfully attack something on democratic soil.

  • CBC See Vous Play, October 1, Kool Haus – Way too loud, and the bands played too long a set. I mean, there was like four bands playing, and you give each act over an hour? No one likes to be at a concert for more the 2 hours and you make people try and do double the time. I wanted to go see Joel Plaskett, but never made it that far (he got on at like midnight on a sunday). I have never been a big fan of emily haines, and having to listen to her metaphorically dissect her pains on a piano for an hour just to get to Joel Plaskett was too much to endure (I left about 10 minutes into her show)
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